en Letters to the Editor- July 12, 2018 <p> <strong>Long-awaited demolition</strong></p> Learning about love <p> I now understand that all the people I have ever known have come into my life to teach me about love. I am coming to trust that every moment of affection I received has been carefully recorded in me, ready for playback. The love I received from others shows me how to love those who need it from me. This is how people who loved me have helped me with these words.</p> A grandparent's blessing <p> We will uphold the constitution <p> We aren&rsquo;t the enemy.</p> <p> &nbsp;A local business owner I&rsquo;ve never met offered to buy my staff&rsquo;s lunch last Friday to show support for their local newspaper after what happened in Annapolis. I was completely taken back by her kind gesture. We can&rsquo;t accept gifts or meals but the call alone meant the world to us.</p> Griff's Picks: Sicario: Day of the Soldado <p> Federal agent Matt Graver calls on mysterious operative Alejandro Gillick when the drug cartels have now begun to smuggle terrorists across the U.S.-Mexico border in &ldquo;Sicario: Day of the Soldado. They then decide to escalate the war further by kidnapping the daughter of a cartel kingpin.</p> <p> Rating: C+</p> <p> Positives</p> God's hand in our history <p> Standing for your faith <p> An act of kindness goes a long way <p> Have you ever discovered something so great you just had to tell your friends?</p>