• I’d like to tell the great residents of Oldham County a little about the 17 uniformed Patrolmen and three uniformed sergeants who represent the Oldham County Police Department in service to our county. You may see them on the highways and byways as you move about or you may see them drive by your house. When you are asleep at night, they are there ... if you need their help, they will be coming to respond ... they see things that would scare the bravest of all men ...

  • Ditch the vehicle for a carriage

    To the editor:

  • Every month, The Oldham Era’s editorial board gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to several local issues. But you can weigh in too: to submit your thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular issue, send an e-mail to editor@oldhamera.com. Please include your full name, address and telephone number for verification purposes.

    County hosts Biggest Loser challenge

  • When it comes to feeding the body and the soul, James Stovall is smokin’.

    The Graves County native was working as an auto body repairman when two friends talked him into entering a barbecue cooking contest in 1995.

    “We were all three teachers in our church and needed funds to take our youth, the Royal Rangers, on a trip,” said the Mayfield resident.

  • Oldham County residents, stop polluting

    To the editor:

    I think the people of Oldham County need to stop polluting the air. One reason is that polluting the air can kill plants and animals. Polluting the air is like a smelling garbage can stinking up the room. Polluting the air is causing global warming and melting the ice caps. Please Oldham Countians, stop polluting the air.

  • Every month, The Oldham Era’s editorial board gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to several local issues. But you can weigh in too: to submit your thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular issue, send an e-mail to:

  • By the time this column goes into print, the final hours of the 2008 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly will have passed.During the 10-day recess that preceded the General Assembly’s adjourning sine die, the governor had the opportunity to review all legislation that had b

  • Resident drops out of House raceTo the editor:

  • Her e-mail is one I’ve been dreading for nearly five years.It asks the question I don’t know exactly how to answer.

  • With my love of all that is sports, and in more recent years coaching, there’s no doubt I was thrilled when an opportunity to help coach the North Oldham High School baseball team presented itself. Working as a floating assistant, I pretty much help the four primary coaches wherever they can use me with either the varsity or junior varsity squads. As varsity head coach Matt Walker told me, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes and ears on the ball field.

  • To the editor:

    Since April is recognized as Donate Life Month both nationally and here in Kentucky, I feel this is a good time to thank the many Oldham Countians who have supported organ and tissue donation at our drivers’ license counter by donating $1 in support of our Kentucky Circuit Court Clerk’s Trust for Life and by placing their name on the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

  • CASA helps battle child abuse

  • Over the years I’ve discovered there’s no in-between when sports news makes the front page.

  • Oldham County is developing a large parcel of land along Interstate 71 near the La Grange interchange.  In this report I provide estimates of the potential economic and fiscal impacts associated with the development, now called Oldham Reserve. 

  • The arrest rate for driving under the influence in Oldham County rose an alarming 115 percent between 2006 and 2007, from 121 arrests to 261. Equally alarming, the number of youth arrests for DUI (ages 16 to 21) rose from 26 arrests in 2006 to 50 arrests in 2007 — a 93 percent increase.

  • Board ignores quality of life questionsTo the editor:

  • Best quote from a 7-year-old towel boy: With Vanderbilt in a tight game with Arkansas, Forward Ross Neltner came to the line for free throws.

  • Last week, the editorial board pondered writing about proposed county legislation that would restrict use of firearms. We were torn on the court’s decision to lea

  • A full-time woman, a chaotic scatterTo the editor:

  • The mission of the Oldham County Schools is to equip each student with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete locally, nationally and worldwide for employment which enables them to meet their personal and professional goals.