• By Ginger Lumpkin

    Sunday is the big day! I know, technically, the event is not about me, but it kind of is because it’s the day that I will take on my newest life role: mother-in-law! 

  • In my work with hospice over the years I have learned that the mystery of death is always there in the background, an ever-present anxiety that most of the time we effectively deny or push aside in order to live our daily lives.  

  • By Mitch McConnell

  • Seeking help with veteran’s memorial project

  • By Judge-Executive David Voegele

    No one can prevent every emergency or disaster, but being notified of dangerous situations and having a contingency plan in case they occur can save lives. As Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

  • I think one of the most highly valued character traits listed in the Bible is humility. The Bible is consistent in proclaiming if you are arrogant or prideful there are many bad consequences. If you are humble before the Lord you earn the highest praise from God, and our humility opens doors in our lives for God to use us.  

  • By Ginger Lumpkin

    I decided to work from McDonald's today. As I was squinting to read the menu board, a crew member cheerfully said, "Here! This will help,” and she handed me a large print menu.

  • If any of my readers wonder if it is time to have a baby, here are some helpful tests to take to decide if you are ready. 

    This first test is the “Mess test.” Smear peanut butter on the sofa and curtains. Place a fish stick behind the couch and leave it there all summer.  

  • Jesus has shown Peter the most amazing mountaintop experience that anyone can imagine. 

  • The Bible is full of wisdom for all of life’s situations.  For example, I found this list called “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Noah” (Genesis 6-9)

    1. Don’t miss the boat.  

  • After that amazing mountain top experience the disciples thought they were on top of the world, that is until they came off the mountain and started walking toward Jerusalem, and all that was waiting for them there.  Over and over they kept falling short and failing.  

  • By Thomas Massie

    Of all the harmful things our government in Washington, D.C. does, micromanaging education is perhaps the worst.

  • Nine-year-old Hudson Charles totally rocked his first piano recital. In January, he downloaded an app on his phone and began teaching himself to play classics such as “Fur Elise” and “The Imperial March,” so I decided it was high time to put him in lessons. 

  • By Ernie Harris

     A flurry of activity stemming from committee meetings and the passage of bills marked a short but intense week six of the Kentucky General Assembly. Although the Senate was only in session from Monday to Wednesday of this week, committee meetings still met during the later part of the week to give final hearings to a few select bills.

  • I have always liked the term, true grit, which I first discovered from the title of an old John Wayne movie. It’s apparent that true grit is a quality that people from all walks of life possess. It takes as much true grit to rise from homelessness to job stability and home ownership as it does to be a concert level pianist. 

  • By Ginger Lumpkin

    I will soon be traveling to Chattanooga, Tenn. for surgery. People often ask why I am willing to drive seven hours for something that could presumably be handled by a local doctor. Truth is, it was a local doctor that caused my issues in the first place.  

  • These last two weeks I have written about living in the precious present. To do this we must find healing and freedom from the chains of the past.