• By Senator Mitch McConnell

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 17, 1944

    In the preceding column we told about the D-day wreckage among our machines of war that were expended in taking one of the Normandy beaches.

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 16, 1944

    I took a walk along the historic coast of Normandy in the country of France.

    It was a lovely day for strolling along the seashore. Men were sleeping on the sand, some of them sleeping forever. Men were floating in the water, but they didn’t know they were in the water, for they were dead.

  • As a great-granddaughter of a WWI veteran and Purple Heart recipient, and granddaughter of two WWII vets I grew up hearing stories of war.

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 12, 1944

    Due to a last-minute alteration in the arrangements, I didn’t arrive on the beachhead until the morning after D-day, after our first wave of assault troops had hit the shore.

  • By Stuart Sanders

    When Notre Dame Cathedral burned on April 15, people across the world mourned the damage.

    They shared family photographs taken at the cathedral, worried about artifacts housed within the church and expressed concern about the building’s stained glass windows.

  • By John Black

  • By Senator Ernie Harris

    After 30 productive legislative days in Frankfort, the Kentucky General Assembly bid farewell to the 153rd regular session.

  • By Ben Chandler, Terry Brooks, Kerri Shelling, Jack Hillard, David Adkisson

  • We heard you.

    The two previous issues of The Oldham Era something was left out of the paper and many of you noticed. We have received emails and calls from readers quite upset that the crossword puzzle was not in their paper.

  • By Daniel Bevarly

    In a shocking effort by the Kentucky Legislature to undermine government transparency and accountability, Rep. Jason Petrie (R-Elkton) has introduced HB 387, which aims to make it harder for Kentuckians to know how their tax dollars are being used by the commonwealth to lure and incentivize businesses to locate there.

  • By Senator Ernie Harris

    As we approach the latter days of the 2019 Regular Session, the Capitol remains as busy as ever.

  • By Senator Ernie Harris

    We are halfway through the 2019 Regular Session, and the Senate is eager to continue making progress in these final weeks.

  • By Laura Tapp

    There is a lot of talk lately about abortion. For example, New York has passed the “Reproductive Health Act,” and some in Virginia wanted to roll back a number of requirements on abortion restrictions. What many people don’t realize is that late-term abortion is already legal nationwide.

  • By Senator Ernie Harris

    It was a productive third week of the 2019 Regular Session, as the General Assembly remained hard at work in Frankfort.

  • By Senator Enrie Harris

    The General Assembly hit the ground running this week as it began the continuation of the 2019 Regular Session. The Senate Majority is excited to move forward with its legislative priorities and pass laws that benefit the Commonwealth.

  • 2018 was a milestone year for crime victims’ rights in Kentucky thanks to courageous legislators, determined advocates and hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. Marsy’s Law was the first bill to pass in the General Assembly and then went to the ballot winning support from 63 percent of Kentucky voters.

  • By Natalie Jones

    Old man winter has finally made his appearance in the Bluegrass. And while his return may have you spending more time indoors, it does not mean you have to give up physical activity until warmer weather returns.

  • By Jim Waters