• People going through a divorce or breakup often face a difficult choice. Should I stay to protect my children or leave to protect myself? No person, mom or dad, should have to face that choice. Fathers are more likely to face another level of issues such as false abuse or domestic violence claims.

  • Kentucky senators should support background checks for guns

    In a recent Op-Ed, representatives Jim Jordan (OH) and Thomas Massie (KY) declared that universal background checks would lead to a universal gun registry, which is a step toward gun confiscation. Let’s talk about this.

    No one wants your guns.

  • By Sen. Ernie Harris

    Several months have passed since the conclusion of the 2019 Regular Session, but my work as your Senator has not slowed. Between answering your questions, concerns, letters or phone calls, I have been meeting with constituents throughout our district in preparation for the Interim and the 2020 Regular Session.

  • Action needed to combat gun violence

  • By Casey McCall

  • I was 16-years-old when I first experienced how cruel cancer can be.

  • By Casey McCall 

    The flight attendant giving emergency instructions must be one of the most ignored people in human history. It’s not that people are necessarily uninterested; they’ve just heard it all before. I decided to listen last time, and it helped me understand something in the Bible.

  • I am inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s quote: “When people talk listen completely. Most people never listen.” My most recent goal for myself is to listen more intensely – to my friends, to strangers and to myself.

  • You know you’ve been considering it. That’s right, getting out there on Labor Day morning and putting yourself in a win-win situation.

  • In defense of road development in Oldham County

    In a recent edition of the Oldham Era, Michael Gessner wrote to complain about roads in Kentucky and, specifically Oldham County, in comparison to the quality of roads he traveled during a recent trip through eastern Wisconsin to Appleton, where his daughter is a veterinarian.

  • By Rev. Karleen Jung

    Where’s your safe place? You know what I’m talking about, it’s that place where you go when it feels like the world has become too much to take. Or that place you retreat to when you’re feeling scared, or beaten up, or where you go just to find a little peace.

  • Are you a disciple? To be a disciple is to go on the journey of faith as Jesus’ own disciples did. Jesus taught them the scriptures, how to pray, the importance of sacrificial giving, evangelism, service, humility and love, just to name a few disciplines of the disciple.

  • We like when things are defined and we know what we are talking about, measuring and calculating. Love does not fit in this category. Have you ever tried to define love? Ask someone what their definition of love is and you will see them struggle to find all the right words.

  • Yesterday morning, as I was writing this, I woke up to news of another mass shooting. My first thoughts were “not again,” “when will it end” and “how do we stop this.”

  • By Sen. Ernie Harris 

    Incidents of gun violence have become so frequent in our country that news of a shooting is no longer surprising.

    This insanity must stop! When is enough, enough? In less than a 24-hour period, over 30 people died and approximately 50 were wounded.