• Resident calls for more activities

  • Shortly after Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, partisan political opponents began their rounds on the cable news circuit and social media, issuing bombastic comments about the imminently qualified jurist.

  • I spend a lot of time each day talking to myself. Sometimes I talk out loud. Maybe you do too. Really some of my best conversations are with myself.

    The concept of self-talk is old and established. It’s the inner monologue you have with yourself inside your own head about who you are, what you believe and how you feel about what you’re doing.

  • La Grange police

    Michael J. Bailey, 46 of Elkton - cited and released July 24 for no seat belts, operating on a suspended license and failure to maintain required insurance

    Taylor E. Small, 19 of La Grange – arrested July 24 for shoplifting

  • A barber was feeling generous one day as he cut a police officer’s hair. He thanked the officer for his hard work to make the town better, and was full of joy to give the officer his haircut for free. His joy was increased the next morning when a dozen doughnuts were waiting for him at the barbershop door.

  • La Grange police

    Erin Findley, 35 of La Grange- arrested July 17 for an Oldham County warrant of four charges and an Oldham County warrant of six charges.

  • In a recent article in the “New York Review of Books,” historian Garry Wills wrote that the Chicago Historical Society has digitized more than 5,600 interviews conducted by Studs Terkel, the author and radio host who died in 2008.

  • Crossroads Pregnancy Center thanks community

  • In a leadership cartoon by Mary Chambers, two couples are seated in a living room engaged in Bible study. One of the women says, “Well, I haven’t actually died to sin, but I did feel faint once.”

  • A response to ‘Out of Control’

      I certainly do not blame Ms. Allen for writing a letter to the editor regarding what she feels is blight on her land due to neighboring properties being grown up. The adjoining property does belong to the Oldham County School Board but it was sold to them by Ms. Allen.

  • La Grange police

    Louis T. Onan, 34 of La Grange – arrested July 10 for two counts of assault

    Theophilus Williams, 34 of Louisville – arrested July 10 for an Oldham County warrant of two charges

    Kaitlyn Mitchell, 27 of La Grange - arrested July 11 for theft of identity

  • In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, a newly hired telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success, that propels him into a macabre universe.

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  • By: Judge-Executive David Voegele

    Oldham was the 74th county created by the Kentucky Legislature. It was formed on January 15, 1824, from portions of Jefferson, Henry and Shelby Counties. The county is named for William Oldham, a Revolutionary War patriot and early pioneer.

  • Solving the problem

    Mary Allen,

  • La Grange police

    Eric L. Sudduth, 47 of La Grange – arrested July 4 for alcohol intoxication

    Miguel A. Alfonso Altunar, 30 of La Grange - arrested July 4 for alcohol intoxication

    James S. Salmon, 34 of Puryear, Tenn. - arrested July 5 for public intoxication and a Calloway County warrant of two charges

  • The key to financial success is having marketable skills.

    Marketable skills are not necessarily a college degree, an advanced degree, or even a professional license. Marketable skills are a group of abilities that you can take to the employment marketplace and sell. Such skills are marketable in both good times and bad.

  • The thrill of having a newborn baby home from the hospital is always exhilarating, but soon the reality of parenthood begins to tamper the excitement.

    The thoughts of being responsible for a totally dependent child begins to weigh on those thoughts of jubilation, and a parent can get overwhelmed without good spouse and family support.

  • Chickens are famous for having crossed the road. There is great controversy why the chicken crossed the road? Some of the more interesting answers to this deep existential question are as follows. A: To prove to the possum that it could be done! A: Because she is an independent female flightless bird. A: Because she wanted to lay it on the line! A: Because she wanted to play squash!