• Perhaps like me you hit the ground running from the moment you wake up and then shake your fist at the clock because there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you frantically work on a project, worried the boss won’t like the finished product or dreaming about the upcoming weekend, you’re practicing mindlessness.

  • A tribute to my daughter, and all those we have loved and lost

    I read Mr. Albert Harrison’s letter about his son’s life with great sympathy and understanding. I would like to also offer a tribute to my daughter and all those we have loved and lost.

  • By Casey McCall 

    We all want joy. You may call it something else: happiness, peace, the good life, wealth, retirement. Whatever your preferred word, the human race is after it.

  • Do you remember the famous marshmallow test of children? In 1972 psychologist Walter Mischel asked children, “Do you want one marshmallow now, or two in five minutes?” He was studying whether kids would delay a reward, and how they compared to the kids who didn’t.

  • The price of insulin is too high in the United States

  • By Casey McCall 

    Do you ever feel like you’re living out the movie “Groundhog Day”? You know, the 1993 comedy in which Bill Murray plays a weatherman covering Groundhog Day and gets stuck in a time loop in which he has to relive the same day over and over again.

  • Whenever we go through something tough, it’s easy to feel alone, like we’re the only ones who have suffered this way. It’s a natural tendency of our minds and causes an anguishing sense of isolation and shame. “What have I done that’s so bad to deserve this unique form of punishment?” we ask ourselves.

  • Swear off meat this Independence Day

    Here are the 10 best reasons for barbecuing veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs this Independence Day, rather than ground-up animal body parts:

    -Focusing on traffic and fireworks safety, rather than food safety

    -Giving your eyes a break from reading government food warning labels

  • By Senator Ernie Harris 

    Since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the Fourth of July has been observed as a day for patriotism and unity. It is on this day that exemplary visionaries dared to create a new form of government for a new people — a country in which freedom reigned.

  • By Casey McCall

  • By Senator Mitch McConnell

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 17, 1944

    In the preceding column we told about the D-day wreckage among our machines of war that were expended in taking one of the Normandy beaches.

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 16, 1944

    I took a walk along the historic coast of Normandy in the country of France.

    It was a lovely day for strolling along the seashore. Men were sleeping on the sand, some of them sleeping forever. Men were floating in the water, but they didn’t know they were in the water, for they were dead.

  • As a great-granddaughter of a WWI veteran and Purple Heart recipient, and granddaughter of two WWII vets I grew up hearing stories of war.

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 12, 1944

    Due to a last-minute alteration in the arrangements, I didn’t arrive on the beachhead until the morning after D-day, after our first wave of assault troops had hit the shore.

  • By Stuart Sanders

    When Notre Dame Cathedral burned on April 15, people across the world mourned the damage.

    They shared family photographs taken at the cathedral, worried about artifacts housed within the church and expressed concern about the building’s stained glass windows.

  • By John Black

  • By Senator Ernie Harris

    After 30 productive legislative days in Frankfort, the Kentucky General Assembly bid farewell to the 153rd regular session.