Today's Opinions

  • The umpire strikes back

    Dave Hagler, an umpire in a recreational league got pulled over for speeding in Boulder, Co. He tried to talk the officer into giving him a warning, that normally he was a safe driver. The officer was not impressed and told him if he had a problem with the ticket he could take the matter to court.

  • Extension Builds strong, healthy Kentuckians

    By Lauren State Fernandez and Jennifer Hunter

  • A movie mindset

    My wife and I love movies. It’s a great escape after a long day. There are many reasons we find movies entertaining. We get a chance to escape our mundane, predictable lives and get into someone else’s shoes.

  • Preparing for a market decline

    By Zack Van Zant

    I am not one to predict a stock market crash.

    If market history has taught us anything, it's that even so-called “experts” are notoriously poor at predictions. I don’t know when the market will go down, but I know it will at some point.

  • The book of your life

    Sam is 45 years old. He has met every financial goal he ever had when he graduated from college. He has every toy a man could ever want, a beautiful wife and his kids are noteworthy. He is restless, everyday wondering if this is what life is all about, and how he could have accomplished it all by 45. Do you ever feel like Sam?

  • Before winter comes

    There is an old saying, “Opportunity knocks but once.”That is not true. Opportunity knocks many times. It is true, however, that opportunity has a way of knocking for its last time. We must take advantage of opportunities before winter comes or lose them forever.

  • Legislators tackle pension crisis

    By Ernie Harris

    An ailing pension system threatening our state’s financial stability is the number one issue facing our great commonwealth. As your State Senator, I have vowed to keep the pension promise to our teachers and public servants, and I am certain that the pension reform plan proposed by Governor Bevin and the Kentucky General Assembly will do just that.

  • Socialization and your health

    By Lauren State Fernandez and Amy Hosier