Today's Opinions

  • Tilling life lessons from the garden

    In our home of 15 years we have an acre of grass and vegetation which I love tending. It’s my therapy and I learn a great deal from the yard I manage.
    Each season, grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees let a part of themselves go in the form of seed, every one of which is a point of life containing the full potential of the parent. In the quest to find a rooting spot, they are buffeted by winds, parched by the sun and soaked by rain. And they often encounter cement or stone rather than fertile soil.

  • Going in search of great adventures in life

    Last week I got to experience one of the great adventures in my life.
    I was able to take my boy scouts on a 120-mile canoe trip on the Au Sable River in Michigan. Scouting has allowed me to travel all over this country to experience the most amazing adventures.

  • Tournament is a big hit

    Last week, North Oldham Little League hosted the Kentucky Little League Baseball State Tournament at Walsh Park in La Grange. 22 teams came from different areas of Kentucky and two from North Oldham Little League participated and competed for the state championships. Congratulations to our own 11-Year-Olds for winning the state championship.
    Every team and their fans from all over Kentucky got to experience what great facilities, the concession stand food and the great atmosphere at Walsh Park in La Grange that North Oldham Little League gets to experience everyday.

  • Time to defund Planned Parenthood

    Warning: graphic content and conversation here. No, this isn’t about Donald Trump’s latest insults, but rather a more serious subject that he doesn’t consider “one of his issues.” I’m talking about the sanctity of human life. More specifically, the undercover videos that caught Planned Parenthood officials discussing abortion extraction methods best suited to preserving in-demand fetal organs for research.

  • Making beautiful memories
  • Dusting off and doctoring the resume
  • Can my cross be padded and a bit smaller?
  • Turning over a new leaf

     Recently, I turned over a new leaf.  Once you turn a leaf over, it is sometimes hard to keep it from flipping back. But this one has stayed on the flipside for over 10 days, so I’m feeling optimistic. 

    I had been listening to friends discuss the dilemma of the toothpaste tube.  

    “Are you an end squeezer or a middle squeezer?” they asked.