Today's Opinions

  • Do you know GMOs?

    By Chris Name
    Oldham County Extension
    A lot of confusing terminology surrounds genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs, and other methods of food biotechnology. Some basic information can help you as a consumer make informed decisions about the kinds of foods that are best for your family.

  • I'm gonna take a sentimental journey

     This past weekend a reunion was held at the Christian school I attended as a child, so I hopped aboard the “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and headed back to Tennessee. Saturday turned into a “sentimental journey” as my dearest old friend and I took a lengthy walk down memory lane.  

  • The secret of life varies for all

     In my work at Hosparus I talk to many folks who are 90 years old or older and I love to ask them, “What’s the secret of a long life?”  They invariably say, “Staying active.”

    I have had that same conversation with people in their last days.  Most have told me, “Live today in the present.”

  • Letter to the Editor --Sept. 17

     Disappointed with announcement

    I’m not sure who to address this letter to, but wanted to tell you how disappointed I was with this article (“Oldham Countian of the Year applications available,” Sept. 10, 2015).  I know it was a submitted article, but wanted to let you know how I felt.  

  • On top of spaghetti all covered in me

    Slowly but surely, I am making progress on the unpacking of my new house. Because the packing was done quickly, there isn’t much rhyme or reason to the contents of many of the boxes. A left shoe here, a random charger for some electronic gadget there, it’s all rather hodge podge.

  • Appreciate and value one another

    Appreciation takes courage and resolve. It’s the high road and not everyone is willing to take it. When you choose thoughts of valuing and gratitude as your primary way of being, you are turning off the road well traveled. You are saying no to blame, to resentment, to revenge, to violence in any form, from bad-mouthing others, to kicking the dog, to berating a person. You are saying no to victim-hood, to martyrdom, to passing the buck, to criticism and to demeaning yourself or others.

  • Is it worth something?

    By Tom McShane
    There are so many old musical instruments that are found in attics, closets or old estates, or some that have been hidden there for generations. These relics pop up during routine housecleanings, relocations, estate liquidations, flea markets and yard sales everywhere. Most of these instruments are, to say the least, not in very good playing condition; some have almost completely disintegrated over time.

  • Letter to the Editor -- Sept. 10, 2015

    Project Guild of La Grange would like to thank the residents and guests of Oldham County for attending the 45th annual Oldham County Day. Thank you Judge David Voegele and the magistrates for the renovation of the courthouse lawn. What a beautiful setting for our “Red, White and Bluegrass” event!