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  • Thumbs up, thumbs down

    “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” highlights The Oldham Era editorial board’s opinions on several local topi

  • City sign ordinance isn't business friendly

    In May, the La Grange City Council passed an ordinance calling for a number of changes to its sign ordinance.

  • Energy funding will help families

    One of the highlights early in a legislative session is the State of the Commonwealth address, a time when a governor has the full attention of the General Assembly and a statewide audience.This speech gives governors a chance to say where they think Kentucky stands, and what their vision f

  • Letters to the Editor

    Risks are great with airport projectTo the editor:On Jan.

  • Uncle Sam will find you, even in retirement

    With your retirement year’s right around the corner, it seems that all your hard work is finally going to pay off. Your nest egg appears to be big enough to support your dreams, from trips overseas to a fabulous vacation home. But remember, your plans for a dazzling life of leisure may change if you haven’t thought about the impact Uncle Sam may have on your plans.

  • Bills make way to committees

    Committee meetings have begun again, which mark one of the first steps a bill must go through on its way to become law.

  • Budget shortfall key issue in '08

    As the first week of the 2008 General Assembly began with the speaker’s gavel at noon Jan. 8, the 142nd Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly started to take shape.The week ended with little bloodshed as my colleagues and I spent the majority of our time familiarizing ourselves with the nearly 300 bills that have already been filed. That number will swell to more than 1,000 by the time we adjourn in April. We started the week with ethics training, which legislators are required to take each year.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Residents not angered by appointmentTo the editor:I don’t know why it is felt that the residents were angered. Four people came to a meeting prepared to do the job they were elected to do. They did not procrastinate about doing their job. Just went on and did it. There was no time to waste as it had already been wasted. Thirty days is all that is allowed by law to replace a council member, 25 had been used with all the waiting. After 30 days the governor would appoint our councilmember.