Today's Opinions

  • Went to the show

     By Tom McShane

    It was only a month ago when I wrote an article encouraging people to get out and go to the public shows. Then, one week later, the world experienced that horrific event in Paris, France, and, most recently, in San Bernardino, Calif. 

    Now, it seems, the whole world is on edge. 

  • Budget deadline looming

     By Thomas Massie

    Will Dec. 11 mark another déjà vu moment for Congress?  This looming deadline is the day by which Congress must once again fund the federal government for the upcoming fiscal year. 

  • My Personality Disorder

    By Ginger Lumpkin

    I recently called someone a narcissist, so they promptly took an online quiz that resulted in “proof” that they are only 23 percent narcissistic.  

    “Well, that can’t be right,” I insisted. “I am going to take the quiz too, but I am going to take it as you.”

    “You are so narcissistic that you think you can be me,” they goaded. 

  • The symptoms of inner peace

     The question of violence and danger in society occupies a lot of time, breath and printer’s ink.  The possibilities of peace and safety take up very little.  It is usual for us to think of containing violence by greater violence: the violence of weapons, of prisons, of riot squads.  And yet the teachers whose wisdom we prize above all others tell us that one cannot answer force with force; that only peace and detachment can meet violence and draw out its poisons.

  • A healthy fear of the Lord for Christmas

     Thanksgiving is behind us now and you are excited about Christmas because you’ve already got that spirit we all want to experience this time of year: Right?  What is the Christmas spirit anyway?  I think it is some feeling of joy we get because something happens that makes us feel more special than usual.  

  • Trusting in one another

     We have the joy and privilege of living with three dogs: Sadie, a lhasa apso; Stella, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Tigger, a maltipoo.  Sadie is the alpha dog, the most independent of the three and usually finds her own place to be.   Invariably, Stella and Tigger will rest together, their heads bowed to each other, their small frames limp.

  • An Honor to serve

    By Jack Conway

     Serving as Kentucky’s 49th Attorney General has been an honor and a privilege.   I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together since I took office eight years ago.  I’ve kept my promises to you, and it’s been my honor to fight for you, to protect Kentucky families and to move this state forward.

  • Thirty days hath September

     You would think four decades after learning the poem that contains this line, I would remember which months have 30 days. But I don’t, so I have to recite it each time. And not just mentally recite it; I actually say it out loud, albeit under my breath.   

    They say that in kindergarten you learn everything you need to know in life.  I’d have to agree.