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  • Leader prepares to graduate

    It was last August when I received word that my application and letter of recommendation were received, and I would be heading back to class. Well, sort of. I had been accepted as a member of the 2007-08 class of Leadership Oldham County.What’s Leadership Oldham County?

  • Letters to the Editor

    SupportOldhamGreenwayeffortsTo the editor:

  • Girls' b-ball, back where it belongs

    Dave Weedman got his man.In what could be his last new hire as principal at Oldham County High School, Weedman, who is stepping down as the OCHS principal at the end of the school year, convinced Larry Just to leave the college coaching ranks after 19 years and become the new gir

  • Rental fee will not fix the problem

    We will concede that rental property can be difficult to manage.There are good renters and bad renters — renters who wouldn’t think of letting their grass grow or piling up trash, and renters who really don’t care to do either.

  • Living a light-green lifestyle

    People say they love spring because everything turns green overnight. This spring, I turned light green overnight, and the next day, confused my husband with my advocacy at Wal-Mart.

    He asked if I’d like to add a case of bottled water to our shopping cart, and I wanted to answer quicker than I could get the words out. At that moment I decided purchasing bottled water – those 24 bottles, specifically – would pollute the earth. Immediately.

  • Wanted: local photos

    This is it, your chance for a big break. Well, a small to medium size break anyway.

    It’s a way for you to display your photojournalistic talent, while also giving us a glimpse into your lives.

  • A salute to the patrolmen of the Oldham County Police

    I’d like to tell the great residents of Oldham County a little about the 17 uniformed Patrolmen and three uniformed sergeants who represent the Oldham County Police Department in service to our county. You may see them on the highways and byways as you move about or you may see them drive by your house. When you are asleep at night, they are there ... if you need their help, they will be coming to respond ... they see things that would scare the bravest of all men ...

  • Letters to the Editor

    Ditch the vehicle for a carriage

    To the editor: