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  • Letters to the Editor- July 19, 2018

    Solving the problem

    Mary Allen,

  • Public Records- July 19, 2018

    La Grange police

    Eric L. Sudduth, 47 of La Grange – arrested July 4 for alcohol intoxication

    Miguel A. Alfonso Altunar, 30 of La Grange - arrested July 4 for alcohol intoxication

    James S. Salmon, 34 of Puryear, Tenn. - arrested July 5 for public intoxication and a Calloway County warrant of two charges

  • Marketable skills

    The key to financial success is having marketable skills.

    Marketable skills are not necessarily a college degree, an advanced degree, or even a professional license. Marketable skills are a group of abilities that you can take to the employment marketplace and sell. Such skills are marketable in both good times and bad.

  • Tips for new parents

    The thrill of having a newborn baby home from the hospital is always exhilarating, but soon the reality of parenthood begins to tamper the excitement.

    The thoughts of being responsible for a totally dependent child begins to weigh on those thoughts of jubilation, and a parent can get overwhelmed without good spouse and family support.

  • What we can learn from birds

    Chickens are famous for having crossed the road. There is great controversy why the chicken crossed the road? Some of the more interesting answers to this deep existential question are as follows. A: To prove to the possum that it could be done! A: Because she is an independent female flightless bird. A: Because she wanted to lay it on the line! A: Because she wanted to play squash!

  • Letters to the Editor- July 12, 2018

    Long-awaited demolition

  • Learning about love

    I now understand that all the people I have ever known have come into my life to teach me about love. I am coming to trust that every moment of affection I received has been carefully recorded in me, ready for playback. The love I received from others shows me how to love those who need it from me. This is how people who loved me have helped me with these words.

  • A grandparent's blessing