• Letters to the Editor - Feb. 4 2016

     Issue with alcohol ordinance

    After reading the 26-page Oldham County Alcohol Ordinance, I was taken aback by the fact that they are going to allow alcohol sales as close as 100 feet from a school, church, daycare or nursery. 

    In addition, the county’s ABC Administrator will be given the authority to waive this distance requirement. 

    Is this truly the right direction for Oldham County?

  • Letter to the Editor - Jan. 14, 2016

     School showed disrespect

    Packed gym, two great high school boys basketball teams, friends, families and classmates are together in one place at South Oldham High School gymnasium, to watch the most anticipated basketball game of the week.

  • Letter to the Editor - Jan. 7, 2016

     Fight for your pension benefits

  • Letters to the Editor from Students - Dec. 24

     Students in Georgia Drury’s fourth grade class at Locust Grove Elementary were provided with the following prompt with which to complete a writing assignment:

  • Letters to the Editor - Dec. 24, 2015

     Keep Oldham County Dry


    How dry I am, How dry I am

    And that’s how I wanna stay,

    But how wet we’ll be if on December 29th

    You don’t stand with me.

  • Letters to the Editor - Dec. 17, 2016

     A message of thanks

    As we are well into the celebration of Christ’s birth, it is time for each of us to personally reach out to thank those who have faithfully served us this past year.  

    Each of us must think of ways to thank those who delivered our paper and our mail, those who picked up our refuse and our recyclables and those who performed personal services for us.

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 26 2015

     A reminder to voters

    Attention all Oldham County voters:

    The Oldham County Clerk’s Office wants to take this opportunity to inform all voters of upcoming election information.

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 19, 2015

     Thumbs up to local restaurant

    I would like to thank Applebee’s of La Grange for their outstanding service to me and my fellow veterans on Veteran’s Day.  

    Patriotic decor, a table set up for the missing soldier and, I might add, a Bible. Greeters and servers shaking my hand and thanking me for my service.  

  • Letter to the Editor - Nov. 12

     Proud of Oldham County voters


    I want to once again thank the residents of Oldham for voting to support the Republican candidates in last week’s election.  53 percent of Matt Bevin’s votes came from straight Republican ticket selection and he had a resounding 60 percent overall vote. Democratic candidates like Alison Lundergan Grimes only received a 41 percent vote from the electorate and Conway was held to 36.7 percent in Oldham. 

  • Letter to the Editor - Nov. 5, 2015

     The Law and Grace

     Dear Legislator,

    As property owners in Oldham County, our taxes pay for many of the municipal services we enjoy every day. We are obligated and grateful to have the privilege to pay our taxes each year.