• MUELLER: Go in the right direction

    What makes you feel motivated, excited and happy?

    What makes you feel peaceful, content and fulfilled? Whatever is working for you, you should strive for a life that offers you more if it.

    If your dream became a reality, would it take you in that direction?

  • COLUMN: Parting is such sweet sorrow

    The time has come, to say goodbye...
    Sorry. I realize the headline and that first line of this column are stolen from someone who’s said it before – Shakespeare and the Mickey Mouse Club, naturally.
    But it’s procrastination, delaying the inevitable, which is telling you all that I’m leaving this newspaper, just one week from today.

  • Bloom where you're planted

    A  fine young man came to see me recently with a problem that is almost universal. When he was a youth he dreamed of a specific career, but circumstances barred him from the job on which his heart had been set. Now he is disappointed and feels cheated.
    He wanted to be a doctor, but he did not have the money necessary for his education, and had to quit school and go to war. Now his chance to be a doctor is gone and he is filled with regret. There are a lot of people who have not been able to do the things their hearts were once set on doing.