• Right to privacy a key issue

    By Thomas Massie

  • Keep calm and London on

    By Ginger Lumpkin

     I’m sitting here in a Holiday Inn, staring at a blank page, feeling terribly distracted by the fact that London is right outside my window.  I have not explored the city yet because I arrived late last night and immediately fell asleep.  

  • Going to the mountain top to meet Jesus

     It was Aug. 1, 1997, and I had just begun a fast to seek guidance about whether God wanted me to move to a new church. 

    What began as a three-day fast turned into the most spiritually intense 17 days of my life. 

  • State symbols

    By Tom McShane

  • Our right to privacy
  • Senate near budget passage

    By Ernie Harris

     Not only did Friday mark the end to another busy week in the Kentucky Senate, it also was day 46 of our 60-day legislative session. We are now in the proverbial “fourth quarter” when the House and the Senate must come together to get a victory for the state of Kentucky by passing a responsible budget. 

  • State senate addresses disability care

    By Ernie Harris, Ky. Senator

    The passage of bills that would help children with disabilities, preserve rights of victims in criminal cases, and fight for the rights of the unborn highlighted another busy week in the Senate. As Thursday marked day 40 of our 60-day legislative session in Frankfort, we are still anxiously awaiting a budget bill from our colleagues in the House.

  • Freezin' for a reason

    My kids and I have a history of silly, cold-weather activities, ranging from making snow angels in our bathing suits to swimming in glacial Lake Superior.  

  • Hidden Blessings

    Years ago I went to visit a parishioner at a local hospital.  I will always remember walking down the corridor to a room with the door closed.  15 teenagers stood outside.  One woman in particular seemed to be bent over with grief.  The others were gathered around her to offer comfort and encouragement.  This was an unusual scene along the normally quiet and empty hospital hallways.  I visited with them long enough to understand.

  • Does God want Christians to speak up?

     President Bush gets ridiculed for letting his faith impact his leadership as President.  President Obama gets ridiculed for not being as open about his faith in public.  

    Critics question the integrity of the faith of both presidents.  Maybe Christians should just keep their mouths shut, at least about anything that has to do with their faith.