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  • Oldham County Track and Field takes first at Austin Peay
  • SOFTBALL: Lady Dragons optimistic after disappointing 2014 campaign

     CRESTWOOD - South Oldham softball coach Jessica Turner finds herself with a bit of deja vu to begin her third year, except now there is more optimism and confidence.

    The Lady Dragons, once again, are an exceptionally young team with three seventh-graders, three eighth-graders and only one senior. 

  • SOFTBALL: Lady Mustangs looking to make a statement in 2015

     GOSHEN - North Oldham coach Erik Anderson wants it to be known that the 2015 Lady Mustangs are not the same. The second-year coach is in the middle of his three-year goal to make a statement in building his program.

    Now, he believes, it’s time for others to recognize his mission.

  • BASEBALL: Veterans aim to lead Mustangs back regionals

     GOSHEN-Leadership and experience may be the difference in the North Oldham Mustangs making a run at the state tournament and another early exit in the regional tournament.

  • Bryant steps down as Lady Colonels basketball coach

     Oldham County girls basketball coach Jace Bryant has resigned as head coach of the Lady Colonels basketball program. Oldham County High School athletics director Kevin Combs confirmed that Bryant submitted his resignation as head coach on Monday, Mar. 16.

  • What do you owe in light of the price Jesus paid?

    Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy is typing a letter on top of his doghouse.

    “Dear IRS, I am writing to you to cancel my subscription. Please take my name off your mailing list.”

    We read in Romans 13:8a, “Let no debt remain outstanding.” We know about money, and way too much about debts. This verse reminds us to pay our bills, as if we need any help remembering that. Most of us will probably agree that not only do we know a lot about money, we probably think too much about money.

  • Cultivating intimacy: a practical guide

    Love is that grand emotion that makes your life feel full. The reason love works is that it takes your attention off of you and focuses it on someone more important. To love is to wish the other’s highest good.

    Blessed are those who cultivate intimacy which is at the heart of love. I believe that there are five ways to cultivate intimacy. I have watched many loving relationships blossom in these ways.

    Altruism. This means that I care about you and not just about myself. The best way to compliment each other is frequently.

  • Monarch mother reigns in the little troops in Boston

    Last week, I took the little ones on a short trip to visit hubby during a training seminar he was attending. The decision was made on the spur of the moment. When I woke the kids at 7 and told them I had just bought tickets to Boston, and we had to pack and be at the airport in three hours, I was surprised at their enthusiasm.

    “Can we go on the ships where they threw tea overboard?” asked my seven-year-old son.

    “I bet there is a museum about the Boston Tea Party!” exclaimed eight-year-old daughter.

  • Freedom Caucus like Kardashians

    The Tea Party Republicans; a group of Republican members of the US House of Representatives’ has seemingly become too wishy washy and fraught with liberal thoughts for some members of the group.

    A splinter group of these Tea Partiers has established themselves as the Freedom Caucus – apparently because “The Sons of Anarchy” was taken.

  • Livestrong comes to ymca

    By Karen Wyatt, of the YMCA


    A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but especially for cancer survivors. Healthy behaviors may lower the risk of cancer recurrence and improve survival. And it makes a person feel better in so many ways!

    A healthy lifestyle includes: Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, being physically active and not smoking. The YMCA of Greater Louisville offers the Livestrong program for cancer survivors that helps adult cancer survivors achieve their holistic health goals.