Local News

  • BREAKING NEWS: Body of Oldham County man found in Raywick

    Rescuers found the body of an Oldham County man Monday who went missing in Raywick during the weekend.

  • Dodging Big Macs like bullets

    Steve Greenwell is Oldham County government’s biggest loser.

    During the last eight weeks, the already svelte magistrate dropped 26 pounds – from 175 to 149 pounds – to lose the highest percentage of weight and win a weight-loss competition among county


    Greenwell said he felt like joining the contest for the sake of encouraging others, but when other employees started telling him he couldn’t win it, “that just threw gas on the fire.”

  • Burglar startles homeowner, flees as shots are fired

    A local homeowner followed an intruder from his home and discharged several shots into the air as the intruder fled from the home early Sunday morning.

  • Council considers pay raise

    Members of the La Grange City Council are considering giving themselves a pay raise.

    The council held a first reading of a pay raise ordinance Monday night. If the ordinance passes at next month’s city council meeting, council members will receive an additional $100 per month, bumping their monthly stipend from $400 to $500 per month.

    Their stipend would increase from $4,800 to $6,000 per year. The change would take effect Jan. 1.

  • There's no substitute for a regular teacher

    Robert Spencer is about as regular of a fixture in Oldham County Schools as any full-time employee. Since 1996, Spencer has showed up for work four to five times per week to substitute, filling in for teachers from elementary up to high school.

    And he is not alone.

    On any given day there are 25 to 85 substitutes in charge of classrooms in Oldham County schools, according to Oldham County Board of Education Personnel Director Genie Yockey.

  • Oldham County jail costs county less money

    If budget projections are correct, operating costs for the Oldham County Jail will cost the county about $96,000 less this year than last, members of fiscal court discussed Tuesday.

  • Experts challenge teen alcohol abuse, offer tips for prevention

    Challengers of Oldham County and the Oldham County Police Department hosted an informational session for parents about teen alcohol abuse, called “Start talking before they start drinking.”

  • Gifted, talented and bored

    By any measure, Ryan Taylor is a gifted student. He’s a Governor’s Scholar and earned distinguished CATS scores and a 770 for the math portion of the SAT.

  • This is the second test of the CMS system

    This is the second test of the new and improved v2 of the CMS system. I'm trying some new things with this file to see if I can get it to create, edit and export efficiently and correctly. Let's hope it works!

    Things are going well so far. The last time I created this file, I hit return to start a second paragraph and the second graph indented itself. But that doesn't seem to be happening this time. Of course, right now, I'm just typing as I go. But what happens if I copy and paste this paragraph underneath?

  • Flood of murky water

    The brown waters of the Ohio River crested 26.02 feet at the upper gauge of the McAlpine Locks and Dam Friday – about 3 feet above flood stage.