Year in Review: District 5 Magistrate JD Sparks

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Citizens of Oldham County:

 It has really been a great year serving as your magistrate in District 5. I am not sure I was fully prepared for the range of issues that we as a court would face in the new year. 

I had hoped to be able to make much more radical changes in some ways but feel that things are very much headed in the right direction in our county. 

I have stood by the fundamentals that I spoke to you about on the campaign trail. We are seeing projects moved forward that are going to create long-term positive benefits for our county. 

Projects have included a hopeful restart to the Old Henry connection to Ash. Updating of the technology for our government is improving. Beautification and safety improvements are changing some long-term eyesores in the county. 

We are being as fiscally responsible as possible and constantly looking for ways to trip the government use of your taxes. These are but a few of our advancements. 

I have been amazed at the dedication of the employees of the county, the other elected officials (we have a fine bunch of them) and the efforts of everyday citizens in many different ways (like serving on boards and volunteering throughout the county). 

I really want to thank the citizens and employees who have helped me along the way, both the ones who have praised and encouraged me and the ones who have held my feet to the fire. It really makes it all worthwhile. 

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza or other holidays that you may celebrate. I look forward to the next three years and hope you all will continue to contact me with your concerns and comments. 

One last thing, my godson, Sgt. Justin Kolman, has recently been redeployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines. 

So if you happen to have an extra prayer handy, please think of him and all our military that are in harm’s way as we sleep safely in our beds during these holiday weeks.

Contact JD Sparks at 777-5525 or jd@jd4oldham.com. The views in this column are those of the writer.