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By Kenny Colston

The current chief deputy of Oldham County’s Property Valuation Administration will take the top spot come December.

Barbara Winters defeated Albert Harrison in a Republican primary on Tuesday by more than 300 votes to become the next PVA. No Democrat or independent candidates filed for the PVA race, meaning Winters’ win solidifies her spot.

The PVA race was the only open seat this election cycle in Oldham County, as current PVA Ron Winters is retiring.

“I’m thrilled,” Winters said. “I ran this race my way. I said I wasn’t going to engage in mudslinging and I didn’t.”

Winters becomes the county’s first female PVA. And after a heated race that saw the assessment of Winters’ residence come into question, she said she’s happy with the outcome.

“I’m relieved it’s over,” she said. “But the events of the last few days have been trying for everyone with the passing of David Howley. So my thoughts are with Cheryll and his family. I think his passing put everything into perspective, that this is just a race.”

Harrison said he couldn’t comment too much on the race, because he hadn’t seen precinct-by-precinct voting totals.

But he did note the current PVA and Winters share the same last name and that name recognition could have played a factor in his defeat.

“The last three days dozens of signs were put up by my opponent that were leftover signs from her ex-husband’s campaign four years ago,” Harrison said. “It could very well have made a difference. They were counting on name recognition.”

Harrison said many of Ron Winters’ campaign signs were taped over and re-purposed as Barbara Winters campaign signs, causing voter confusion.

Having run for the office in 2010 and again this year, Harrison said he didn’t know if he would run for PVA again in 2018, when the race is next on the ballot.

Incumbents cruise

In the other county races, the current office holders had an easy time winning re-election.

County Attorney John Carter gathered nearly 69 percent of the vote to defeat Galen Clark in a rematch of a 2010 race. Sheriff Steve Sparrow received almost 78 percent of the vote over challenger Ricky Simmons. And coroner Brett Donner received 74 percent of the vote over challenger J. Buford Cobb.

County Clerk Julie Barr and Jailer Mike Simpson were unopposed in their re-election efforts.

And County Judge-Executive David Voegele received more than 5,000 votes in his re-election bid. His challenger, the late OCPD officer David Howley, unexpectedly passed away last week making Voegele’s re-election a certainty before a single vote was cast.

Howley still received 2,298 votes, despite his passing.

And with every incumbent besides the current PVA keeping their offices for another four years, Barbara Winters said she was excited to join the boy’s club, while thanking her supporters.

“I want to thank my friends and family that were helping me,” she said. “And the people of Oldham County for having faith in me.”

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