Who is boss of your life?

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By Al Earley

 “Who is boss of your life?” is an interesting question.  

When I first came out of seminary the senior pastor of the church spoke and acted like my boss.  Some would say all the members of the church are my boss, and some of those don’t want me to forget it.  I say I only have one boss, God, but isn’t this true for all of us, at least in an ultimate sense.

Now God knows we don’t really consider any of the above truly boss of our life.  God knows that most of us really believe that we are actually boss of our life.  A battle rages in our soul as to who will be boss of our lives in that ultimate sense.  

Believers in Jesus Christ are not immune to this battle.  We can be even worse than non-believers because we think we have given our lives to Christ, but it is mostly talk and very little humility before God.

Jesus shares these words in Matthew 10:39 that show us how high the stakes are in this battle.  “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”  God has created us with a hole in our hearts to make us better at losing the battle of wills, and therefore winning the battle for our souls.  This metaphorical hole in our heart makes us very unsettled and keeps us searching for something to fill it.  As the search begins we wonder, “How can I fill the hole in my heart and still remain the boss of my life?”

We try to fill it with career, pleasure, family, vices, addictions, volunteer activities (including those in the church), but none of these satisfy.  They may work for a short time, but jobs are lost, families struggle, pleasures turn into addictions and volunteer activities exhaust us.  It is as if the hole in our heart is round, and all these hole fillers are different sized squares.  They just don’t fill the hole completely.  

With maturity we begin to realize that God has put the hole there, but we don’t want to fill it with God because then we lose our will and control over our lives.  This continued rebellion against God is called “sin.”  

Whether you define sin as breaking God’s commandments, any form of idolatry, or any behavior that separates us from God, it is still sin, and we must deal with it.  We cannot manage sin.  Like God, we must come to know what our sins are, and hate them.  King Solomon reveals this wisdom in Proverbs 8:13, “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.  Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I (God) hate.”

If you would like an exercise to help you know what your sins are I have one that is very powerful that I have used for years.  I call it the Humility Exercise.  Please e-mail your request to pastorearley@bellsouth.net.  

This is a crucial first step to truly filling the hole in our heart with God.  Once we face our sins we will realize how badly we need the forgiveness that only Jesus Christ can give us.  Romans 10:10 tells us that if we believe with our hearts and confess with our lips that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior then we will be saved (paraphrased).  This is God’s perfect plan to set you free from the guilt and shame of the past, and give you a new future of meaning and purpose.  

Are you captivated by the things of this world?  Do you pretend to be a believer in Jesus Christ, but hold on to control of your life with a mighty grip?  

Are you tired of rejecting Jesus, and the hole that is left empty in your heart because of your decision?   Have you given parts of your life to God’s will, but shut the door on other parts, allowing God to only partially fill the hole in your heart?  

The decision to fill that hole is yours.  You can change the direction of your life forever by giving your life to Jesus Christ more fully or for the first time.  

I hope you will do this today!  






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