Westport man arrested for threatening to kill state officials

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By Amanda Manning

A Westport man was arrested for several Facebook posts threatening to kill people, including state officials.

Adrian Wayne Thompson, 34, allegedly posted on Facebook on Jan. 1 that he was going to start killing people.

“I’m literally going to start killing people if something doesn’t change right f***ing now,” the arrest warrant states he wrote on Facebook.

Kentucky State Police arrested and interviewed Thompson at his home after an investigation. 

Right after that Facebook status, he posted another “directed specifically to a state official which read “…. You’re first as a matter of principal. Getting started early. You b****** want to leave me in hell? I’m going to f*** you all up,” according to court documents.

State police did not disclose which state officials were named.

“We don’t have any specifics on it,” Kentucky State Police Post 5 Trooper Steven Dykes said. “It’s just a state official or several that he made the threat towards on the Facebook post.”

Besides these Facebook statuses, Thompson has posted more general threats, according to state police.

One of those posts allegedly said, “Not only is all care gone, I’m really ready to start murdering folks. So I’m going to kill people and never get indicted.”

State police say that he confessed to making the Facebook posts and that it was his Facebook account.

Thompson is charged with terroristic threatening in the third degree.

Thompson bailed out of the Oldham County Jail yesterday on a $1,000 unsecured bond.