Walmart Training Academy opens in Crestwood

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By Amanda Manning

 The first Walmart Training Academy in the greater Louisville area has opened its doors in Crestwood. 
The new 2,500 square foot training facility that sits in front of the Walmart in Crestwood will provide associates with training both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The store is one of only 200 Walmart Training Academies to be placed across the U.S. 

Associates from 27 surrounding stores, including La Grange and Crestwood, will attend the academy during two-week training sessions. 

Jonathan Shain, the manager of the Walmart in Crestwood said that although one of 200 might sound like a large number, it’s small when you consider Walmarts 5,000 stores.  

“It’s pretty exciting,” Shain, who the students report to while at the academy, said. “It’s a big deal.”

During the course, 70 percent of the training will be conducted inside of the Walmart in Crestwood, making it what is considered a role model store.

“They actually get more extensive training because we are the academy store. We have to pass a 2,400 question audit,” Shain explained about the certification process, adding that they have to continue to pass the audit and keep up training. 

Associates will also learn in the classroom at the Walmart Training Academy. “As the generations change, it’s so crucial for them to have a classroom setting,” Shain said.

In addition to video inside of the classroom, associates will be able to train using virtual reality glasses.  “They could be put in Black Friday. They could be put into that type of circumstance and being do that type of training,” Shain explained.

After finishing up the course, students will attend a Walmart graduation, where they will receive a Walmart cap and gown. The first group of associates graduated from the local Walmart Academy on Oct. 5.

Approximately 90 people will train a week at the facility in Crestwood, which Shain says will help boost the local economy. 

In other news

Rumors have circulated that a Chick-fil-A is going to be built next to the Crestwood Walmart. 

The popular fast food restaurant is not confirmed for that location - or anywhere in Oldham County at the moment - according to Oldham County Planning and Zoning and the Oldham County Chamber and Economic Development.

What is confirmed to open next door is Taco Bell. At the June 26 planning commission meeting, they approved the Taco Bell to be placed at 6521 Veterans Memorial Parkway. 

The Taco Bell, which currently sits at 6408 West Highway 42, will be moved to the new location.