Veggies, ransom and Christmas

Anyone who is a friend of the Era on Facebook or around La Grange knows I've been racing in the La Grange Urban Mountain Bike Series. It's an attempt at rejuvenating the athletic muscles I once had that have been consumed by pizza and beer fat and reshaped to the contour of my couch cushions. 

Nonetheless, I finished race #3, passed one person and a few others that passed me back on the hill sections (including a teenage girl — mad props to her!). I feel good after I finish the race, even though I warned our sports guy that dared pat me on the back during lap three that he was about to see regurgitated eggs and gatorade. 

I have now decided that the pains I feel climbing hills during the race are due to my large stomach and backside. As my life has gone I always wanted to eat better, now I have the reason. I am slowly going to work my way away from the red and white gravy colored meats that have created the landslide that was once my abs. 

I will never be a true vegetarian as I must have a good cheeseburger once in awhile or life just isn't worth living. But I think a 90 percent diet away from the meat side of the world is doable. I am heading the direction of veggies and fruits.

Perhaps I will receive a taunting letter from the meat council, like the ransom letter I received under The Era's front door the other day (complete with magazine letters). The letter, created as a riddle, I did solve and no one was hurt, but it reminds me of the weird world we in the media deal with. 

I have to say the world of Christmas in Kentucky has been refreshing. The spirit that is Christmas can still be found floating among people and in the air. Unfortunately, the place from where I came from it's not the case anymore. Stress about gift buying replaces all and the commercial aspect of Christmas  is overwhelming a 150 miles north of here. 

Christmas in Oldham is good. It's brought me a great year of new friends, exercise, and a place where quirky letters appear along with Christmas lights on the square.