U.S. Marshals arrest Kenneth and Terri Smith

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Smith is charged in connection with the Henry County puppy mill raid

U.S. Marshals have arrested a couple suspected of operating a large puppy mill in rural Campbellsburg.

Terri Smith, 51, was arrested at a trailer park in Bullitt County at 7:30 a.m., according to Chief Deputy Brian Parrish. She was initially booked at the Oldham County Detention Center and thentransferred to Carroll County Detention Center later in the morning, Parrish said.

Her husband, Kenneth Smith, 71, was taken into custody after turning himself in to U.S. Marshals in the parking lot of the La Grange Walmart about 4:30 p.m., Parrish said. "We convinced him it was in his best interest to come back to the state."

Henry County Animal Control Officer Dan Flinkfelt said Kenneth Smith was located earlier today in Nashville, Tenn., and drove up to Oldham County today to turn himself in to authorities.

Both Terri and Kenneth Smith face 218 counts of second-degree animal abuse in connection with the puppy mill, which was raided by Henry County Animal Control officers Monday night. A total of 240 animals – including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and hermit crabs, as well as a screech owl and a hybrid wolf – were confiscated from the property, located at 25 Allison Lane.

A tenant at the address, Karen Nellums, 48, was cited Thursday for 10 counts of animal abuse in connection to her own animals that lived with her on the Smiths’ property.

By Phyllis McLaughlin, Landmark News Service