Tristen Kasey sentenced to five years probation

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By Amanda Manning

Tristen Kasey, 20, took a plea deal for five years probation in Oldham County Circuit Court Sept. 7.

Kasey pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful transaction with a minor, custodial interference, tampering with physical evidence and two counts of intimidating a participant in a legal process July 25.

An Alford plea was entered on five of the six charges.

The charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana were dismissed.

His 15-year sentence was probated to five years during Oldham County Circuit Court. If any of the conditions are broken, his sentence can be revoked, according to Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad.

Kasey and his father, Stephen Kasey, were first arrested in May 2017 in a methamphetamine bust at their home in La Grange.

The pair was arrested again in June 2017 on 24 other combined charges. In that arrest, Stephen Kasey was charged with rape and kidnapping, while Tristen Kasey was charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Kasey is accused of hiding a juvenile runaway in his home with his father. He is also accused of deleting information from his father’s social media accounts after his father instructed him to in a call from behind bars and contacting victims after his arrest.

During the plea hearing in July, Kasey had trouble remembering details of the charges.

Judge Conrad asked Kasey the specifics of intimidating a participant in a legal process during the plea hearing.

“I honestly don’t remember that much. I think I was trying to get ahold of someone,” Kasey said.

After several other questions, he named one of the victims that he contacted.

“Do you recall contacting both of them?” Conrad asked Kasey.

“I don’t,” he responded.

Even after the initials of one of the victims were read, Kasey could not remember the other victim’s name.

His attorney, Jonathan Hodge, explained why Kasey might not remember details.

“He does have a lengthy history of epileptic seizures,” Hodge said. “Frankly, he’s come to the term of loss of memory during some of this period that he attributes to epilepsy.”

After he was sentenced, Hodge asked Judge Conrad when Tristen Kasey would be able to talk to his father again. The pair was ordered not to have contact with one another last summer.

“I was wanting to know when that might stop because it is his father,” he asked.

“I can’t speak to that because his case is not over yet,” Conrad answered.

“We just remanded his dad’s trial date. There’s no trial date now pending,” she said, referring to what had gone on in court earlier that day.

Tristen Kasey was also ordered to undergo substance abuse assessment. Kasey is currently residing in Campbellsville.

Stephen Kasey remains lodged in the Oldham County Detention Center.