Trio combines to strengthen Body Under Construction

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By Sam Draut

A perfect storm of events led to a perfect fitness facility.


Body Under Construction, owned and operated by Rob Jones for 30 years, added to its facility by combining with two other Oldham County businesses to offer a multi-facet, one stop shop for a healthy lifestyle.

When the building that housed Cammy Ashby’s Jazzercise studio in Buckner sold to Meineke Care Care Center after her occupancy for 11 years, she didn’t know where to turn. She tried several different options, but thought she would be forced to close her studio.

As a last ditch effort, she messaged Jones on Facebook and asked if he would have any space for her. His response: “Let’s make this work. I don’t want to see you close.”

Ashby hosted her inaugural classes at Body Under Construction Monday Oct. 1, but Jazzercise wasn’t the only thing debuting at the training facility in Buckner.

Justin Frost, the owner of HealthQuest Nutrition, a store in Crestwood that offers over a 100 flavors of meal replacement protein shakes, opened a second outlet at Body Under Construction.

Frost, who also works as a trainer at Body Under Construction, opened HealthQuest in April. Some of Jones’ clients came into the store post workout for protein shakes, but others missed their chance to buy from Frost because his store closed at 7 p.m. while some of the workout sessions ended at 8 p.m.

The simplest solution became putting a satellite shop inside the gym to offer people an option instead of food after a work out. Along with the clients at Body Under Construction, HealthQuest is open to anyone. Frost said the second location is more convenient for people in La Grange and Buckner seeking a healthier dietary option.

Jones believes the three have a common goal of teaching their passion for a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s what we are here for,” Jones said. “We want to make people’s lives better and help them live longer.”

With its youngest client the age of six and the oldest at 92, Body Under Construction teaches health to any age and anywhere. Jones said some clients travel for the twice-a-week training sessions from Indianapolis, Columbus, Georgetown and counties around Kentucky.

Body Under Construction doesn’t advertise because Jones wants people that are serious about change. When he found out Jazzercise faced the potential of closing, Jones didn’t want people to have the fitness option taken away from them.

“We are serious about change and that’s the type of people Cammy works with,” Jones said. “There are people that have been doing Jazzercise and it’s been working for them and they don’t want to stop.”

While Frost’s Healthquest spot in Body Under Construction didn’t take much more than altering an ab room, Ashby’s area took a little more of an undertaking. A weight room was cleared, the walls were redone and repainted, a stage and speakers were added while a window to Healthquest and new entrance finished off the room.

“It was a sad thing when I thought I was going to have to close, I had people crying,” Ashby said. “My clients are so thankful.”

With the mindset of spending less on equipment and more on clients, Body Under Construction breaks the typical mode of a workout facility.

There aren’t cardio machines that fill floor space or a kiosk with a key card scanner. There aren’t people that get stared at, instead, clients can work out and be left alone. 

Jones plans for the facility to continue to progress even after its addition of Jazzercise and Healthquest.

“The multitude of options and different aspects involved is going to create a healthier and happier lifestyle for the entire county,” Jones said. “We preach the importance of proper nutrition and that combination with the amount of experience and passion is going to provide people with what they want.”