Swimming: North claims combined Region 6 title

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Complete list of area state qualifiers

By Elliott Pratt

The North Oldham swim team claimed a combined Region 6 championship last weekend at Falling Springs Recreation Center in Versailles. North scored 785 combined team points to beat out second place South Oldham at 603.5 points.

The Lady Mustangs dominated the meet for first with 503 points while South’s girls’ team finished second with 266.5 points.

The South boys’ team was edged out for the title by Boyle County 345-337. North boys finished third (282).

Oldham County combined to finished seventh (311.5) with the Lady Colonels finishing fifth (209.5) and the boys’ team placing seventh (102).

Below is a list of qualifiers for the state championship meet next weekend at the University of Louisville. The top two finishers in each event, plus the next 14 at-large times from each event from across the state, will advance to the state meet.


Girls 200-medley relay
1. Oldham County (Alexandra Taylor, Madeline Rice, Emma Skinner, Ariel Beauchamp), 1:58.32
3. South Oldham (Chloe Jackson, Hannah Springer, Taeya Dickamore, Ashley Serad), 2:02.56

Boys 200-medley relay
1. South Oldham (Caylem Ashcraft, Max Houston, Easton Deshler, Josh McOmber), 1:42.25*
2. North Oldham (Will Tarvestad, August Kingsley, Jack McCormick, Ben Tucker), 1:42.41*

Girls 200-free
1. Lydia Jackson (South Oldham), 1:52.30*
2. Morgan Miller (North Oldham), 1:54.71
3. Kate Tarvestad (North Oldham), 1:56.35
4. Lauren Ashton (North Oldham), 1:58.62

Boys 200-free
1. Max Houston (South Oldham), 1:44.89*
3. Caylem Ashcraft (South Oldham), 1:52.37

Girls 200-IM
1. Lilly Oglesby (North Oldham), 2:08.99*
2. Kelly Tichenor (North Oldham), 2:09.95*

Boys 200-IM
3. John Hoskins (Oldham County), 1:58.59

Girls 50-free
1. Grace Oglesby (North Oldham), 24.12
2. Brooke Payne (North Oldham), 25.42
3. Paige Von Feldt (North Oldham), 25.60

Boys 50-free
1. Will Tarvestad (North Oldham), 21.59*
3. Easton Deshler (South Oldham), 23.30

Girls 100-fly
1. Grace Oglesby (North Oldham), 54.95
3. Kelly Tichenor (North Oldham), 57.18
4. Emma Skinner (Oldham County), 58.00

Girls 100-free
1. Kate Tarvestad (North Oldham), 54.21
2. Brooke Payne (North Oldham), 55.57

Boys 100-free
1. Will Tarvestad (North Oldham), 46.98
3. Caylem Ashcraft (South Oldham), 51.50

Girls 500-free
1. Lydia Jackson (South Oldham), 4:56.93
2. Morgan Miller (North Oldham), 5:05.08
3. Lauren Ashton (North Oldham), 5:18.78
5. Martha Helsley (North Oldham), 5:30.94

Boys 500-free
1. Max Houston (South Oldham), 4:51.26
3. Williams Serad (South Oldham), 5:03.82

Girls 200-free relay
1. North Oldham (Kate Tarvestad, Lilly Oglesby, Paige Von Feldt, Grace Oglesby), 1:42.62
3. South Oldham (Shelby Serad, Ashley Serad, Madison Sackella, Lydia Jackson), 1:45.02

Boys 200-free relay
2. North Oldham (Thomas Irvine, Jack McCormick, August Kingsley, Ben Tucker), 1:38.00
4. South Oldham (Justin King, William Serad, Collin Deshler, Grayson Langford), 1:41.92

Girls 100-backstroke
2. Lilly Oglesby (North Oldham), 58.43
3. Paige Von Feldt (North Oldham), 1:00.33
4. Olivia Luzzio (North Oldham), 1:01.32

Boys 100-backstroke
3. Easton Deshler (South Oldham), 58.14

Girls 100-breaststroke
1. Emma Skinner (Oldham County), 1:07.86
2. Madeline Rice (Oldham County), 1:08.20
3. Hannah Springer (South Oldham), 1:09.23

Boys 100-breaststroke
1. John Hoskins (Oldham County), 1:00.40
4. August Kingsley (North Oldham), 1:04.71

Girls 400-free relay
1. North Oldham (Kate Tarvestad, Kelly Tichenor, Brooke Payne, Grace Oglesby), 3:40.45
2. South Oldham (Shelby Serad, Lydia Jackson, Madison Sackella, Hannah Springer), 3:49.52
4. Oldham County (Madeline Rice, Alexandra Taylor, Ariel Beauchamp, Emma Skinner), 3:56.50

Boys 400-free relay
1. South Oldham (Caylem Ashcraft, Josh McOmber, Easton Deshler, Max Houston), 3:30.75
3. North Oldham (Thomas Irvine, Noah Miesner, James Masters, Will Tarvestad), 3:35.69