The Sports Primer: 12.13

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A look at this week's sports section

By Jason Stamm

Last week, I got a first-hand experience in why basketball is big in Oldham County for this week's Grand Stamm column.

Being from Morehead and having lived in Kentucky my entire life, I already knew this was a basketball state. But each county, town and team have their own, unique stories of what makes basketball so great.

I went to boys' basketball games at North Oldham and Oldham County High Schools and a girls' basketball game at South Oldham High School.

My talks and travels also reminded me of my own passion for basketball.

On Monday, Oldham County High School's ice hockey club team took on Eastern High School at Louisville's Iceland Sports Complex. The Colonels lost 6-5, dropping their record to 3-4-1 this season.

But the story came from the in the ups and downs on the team and in the season. There's been some struggles, as the record indicates, but there's also some talented players, like Jason Watts and Ryan Macht, both students at SOHS.

They also each have their own skills that contribute to the overall promise the team has.

It's no secret how popular soccer is in Oldham County. All you have to do is drive on Ky. 146 in Buckner most weekday afernoons in the spring and fall and see how many children are playing.

But the fields seen from the road, the South Complex, could sell any time. In large part because of this, the Thoroughbreds Soccer Club and the Oldham County Youth Soccer Association are constructing a soccer park behind OCHS and Oldham County Country Club.

Parents and former players in the Thoroughbreds see the park as much-needed, especially with the large growth in the number of children participating in both OCYSA and the Thoroughbreds.

Also recognized in this week's issue of The Oldham Era are the Athlete of the Week, a student from South Oldham Middle School, the Oldham County Tigers select football team, the cheerleading squad at NOHS and the junior varsity dance team at OCHS.

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