SOHS grad hired as TV host

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By Greg Waddell

Kentucky Sports Television will have a new host moving forward as Time Warner Cable announced July 16 that South Oldham graduate Thomas Beisner has been hired to lead the show.

Beisner, a producer, writer and occasional co-host for the cn|2 show since August 2011, takes over the reins for former host Matt Jones. Jones did not settle a new contract in early June after being hired as the show’s first host two years ago.

Jones said he thinks the position is in good hands with his friend.

“He’s always been a great writer and good friend to me and to be able to branch off and do some other things, I’m really happy for him,”Jones said. “He’s worked hard to get to this point and I know he’ll do a good job.”

Though he’s still relatively new to the network, Beisner’s history with Kentucky sports dates back much farther.

A Texas native, Beisner moved to the Bluegrass State with his family in 1999 and graduated from South Oldham High School in 2001. After studying print journalism at the University of Kentucky, the Goshen resident headed south to work with an electronics distributor in Florida.

After dabbling in entertainment and sports blogging, a fellow blogger, Evan Hibbert, approached Beisner about starting a Kentucky sports-themed website in early 2008. 

After a few months of relative success, the duo got the invitation to start writing for KentuckySportsRadio.com, a then-fledgling website founded by Jones.

Following the site’s explosion on the local sports scene after UK’s recruitment of Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson in 2007. Beisner stayed with KSR for three years, moving up the ranks to managing editor. 

Though he would ultimately leave the site in April 2012, Beisner said his years writing for the blog are some of his proudest moments.

“The way that website has grown blows my mind,” he said. “It’s honestly one of the things I’m most proud about, being a part of that website. Really, a lot of people have gotten great opportunities out of it because of Kentucky fans. Everybody says (UK) has the best fanbase in the country, and there’s no question. I can’t think of any better.”

Still, when the time came to make a choice between the site and a burgeoning television career, Beisner said the decision just made sense. 

It was just time to move on.

“When you’re a blogger, those are like dog years,” he said with a laugh. “I did it for four years, but it felt like 28. It felt like a long time and I felt like I had burned out people and had run my course.”

Now that he’s moved on to the next phase of career, it’s like starting all over, he added. Though it can be exhausting at times, he’s having a ball.

“I’ve never thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to be here today,’” Beisner said. “Sometimes you just run yourself through the wall calling people, writing, running around, editing stuff and you go home exhausted, but it’s the best exhausted feeling you could have.”

Now that he’s back in Goshen, which he likens to the island in “Lost” as it keeps bringing him back, he feels this is right where he’s supposed to be.

Kentucky fans couldn’t agree more.


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