S. Oldham student scalded by coffee

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Incident spawned by bullying, 2 students face disciplinary action

By Tracy Harris

A South Oldham High School student was hospitalized Friday after another student threw hot coffee on him — and both students are being charged by police and being disciplined by the district.

Steve Hood Jr., 18, suffered burns to his neck and was taken by Oldham County EMS to a local hospital. 

According to police, Hood was released from the hospital the same day.

The other student is a juvenile. 

His name has not been released by the school district or the police.

The juvenile student purchased two cups of coffee in the cafeteria and threw them on Hood, according to district officials.

Police are charging the juvenile with second-degree assault, a felony.

And Hood faces charges of harassment for “for making ongoing harassing comments toward the juvenile,” according to a press release from the Oldham County Police Department.

Assistant Superintendent Dan Orman said the school is also viewing the case as bullying. 

“It’s a serious issue,” Orman said. 

Orman said SOHS staff supervising the cafeteria reacted quickly to the incident, limiting injuries.

At least two of Oldham County’s high schools have coffee available to students, but Orman said Friday’s incident was the first of its kind.

In fact, when he contacted the Kentucky Center for School Safety, he was told no similar incidents had been reported anywhere in the state.

“It’s a bold and dangerous statement to make,” Orman said. 

Orman said the availability of coffee isn’t to blame — thousands of students maturely handle coffee at the school each day.

Instead, the district is focused on ways to prevent bullying.

The district is also taking steps to ensure coffee is served at industry-standard temperatures. 

Police are investigating.