The Review – Oldham County Business 2012

The Review is a special publication produced by The Oldham Era in January. This will be our second-annual publication after a well-received first issue in 2011.

The Review will feature the top Oldham County business performers of 2012 in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, real estate, non-profit, agriculture and professional services.

There will also be an “18 under 18” section for startup businesses that opened between June 2011 and December 2012.

The Review uses quantifiable data for its rankings, including gross income, sales volume, number of employees, etc.

Data will be compiled by The Era using several sources, including publicly available data and data published by other sources. Data will also be supplied by the businesses.

Businesses not including necessary information will not be included.

Because of the breadth of businesses in Oldham County, you may find the data categories do not fit your business. Please include information in "other" if that is the case, or contact Tracy Harris for assistance.

We look forward to your participation!

Contact Tracy Harris with questions: tharris@oldhamera.com or 502-354-ERA1. For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact Barbara Duncan at barbara@oldhamera.com or 502-222-7183.

Surveys must be submitted by Dec. 21. We will contact businesses for follow-up information between Jan. 2-11.

Who should we contact for this publication?