Reed moved to North Carolina without telling court

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Judge imposes new bond

By Amanda Manning

 A former Oldham County High School choir director’s bond was increased today after a judge found out she moved to North Carolina without telling the court.


Haley Reed appeared in court today before Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad who said she’s never had this situation arise before.

The commonwealth’s office and the court found out that Reed moved to Waxhaw, North Carolina from one of her neighbors.

“It’s unusual to get a report out of state like this,” Conrad said.

After learning that she moved, Commonwealth Attorney Courtney Baxter asked for Reed’s bond to be increased to $25,000 full cash and for her to be placed on GPS monitored release.

“Neighbors have expressed concern for the safety of minor children in the area which is approximately one mile from the Cuthbertson Middle and High Schools,” Baxter wrote in a motion.

Reed’s attorney, Greg Simms, argued they didn’t have to tell the court that she moved.

“What the commonwealth is alleging is simply not Kentucky Law,” Simms said.

Simms said that his client has made all of her court appearances. “She’s always here. She’s always early. She always has friends and family in court,” he said.

Baxter argued that they needed to know, especially with the severity of the charges.

“You can’t just up and leave,” she said. “It’s not like she moved next door to Jefferson County. She moved 400 miles away.”

Simms said she moved out of the state for a new job.

“She moved out of state because there’s work out of state. Here, with the negative publicity, it’s essentially halted work,” he said.

“I do not understand why this is a difficult proposition,” Conrad said. “She has an obligation to keep the court advised of her location.”

“It only leads me to believe she wanted to be out of the court’s eyesight, earshot, whatever, and not under the court’s scrutiny,” she added.

Conrad increased her bond to $5,000, which Reed said she could not make.

On June 8, 2018, Reed bailed out of the Oldham County Detention Center on a partially secured $25,000 bond. $20,000 went to her attorney, while $2,500 was released to a surety, according to court documents.

Conrad said perhaps her and Simms could work something out with the money she paid him.

After Reed discussed the bond with her mother, Simms said her bond would be paid within 24 hours.

He also said they would inform the court if Reed moves again.

If Reed does not post the $5,000 bond within 14 days, a warrant will be sent out for her arrest.

She was arrested on June 7, 2018, the day before the last day of school, on fifteen counts of first-degree unlawful transaction with a minor, ten counts of third-degree rape and five counts of third-degree sodomy.

Reed admitted to having sex with a minor around eight times between April 25 and June 1 in 2018 on school property, according to Oldham County Police. All encounters allegedly happened after school hours inside OCHS.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for September 5. A preliminary trial date was also set for November.

Reed has pleaded not guilty to the 30 charges.