Rawlings sentenced to 13 years

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By Amanda Manning

A Crestwood man who stole over $31,000 worth of jewelry, spent over $500 on a stolen credit card and had unlawful transactions with minors has taken a plea deal. 

Donald Rawlings, 23, accepted a plea deal on five cases in Oldham County Circuit Court on Oct. 27. He plead guilty to theft by unlawful taking or disposition of $10,000 or more, wanton endangerment, theft of identity without consent and three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had anybody with this many cases,” Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad noted during court.

 During the sentencing, Judge Conrad asked Rawlings if he wished to enter a guilty plea to each charge and what happened.

 “I used drugs with a minor,” Rawlings responded to the unlawful transaction with a minor charge.

 One of the girls was 14 years old at the time, while another was 13 years old, according to court documents. “It was his girlfriend,” his attorney, Rob Riley interjected.

 “Was it methamphetamine, “ the judge asked. He responded yes.

Conrad also asked him what happened on the theft of identity charge. “I had access to someone’s card and it was unlawfully used. I guess you could say I knowingly used it,” Rawlings said.

 On Aug. 11, 2014, he entered a victim’s unlocked vehicle and took a credit card. That credit card was used or attempted in the vicinity of La Grange 21 times, according to court documents. Rawlings spent a total of $506 on the credit card.

Conrad also asked Rawlings about his robbery charge.

 “I took jewelry,” he said. “I gave it to somebody and I don’t know what they did with it.”

 In May 2016, a Prospect resident reported $31,029.70 of jewelry stolen from her home after her daughter had Rawlings over. According to court documents, Rawlings stole 29 pieces of jewelry, including a wedding band.

 Conrad noted that there is a “huge amount of restitution,” on this case.

 “The court has accepted the guilty plea,” Conrad said.

 He was sentenced to a total of 13 years. Twelve of those years will run concurrent. The consecutive year stems from his robbery charge. “Case 143 adds an extra year, taking it from 12 to 13 years,” Conrad explained.

Rawling’s charge of rape was amended to wanton endangerment. Other charges, including human trafficking, use of a minor under 16 in a sexual performance, and sodomy were dropped.

Rawlings was charged with complicity to robbery and complicity to theft by unlawful taking or disposition in Jefferson County. He began serving time on those charges on April 26.

 He is eligible for parole on Dec. 25, 2018.

 Rawlings is currently housed in the Roederer Correctional Complex.