Public Records - Nov. 8, 2018

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By The Staff

La Grange Police

Michael A. Jurasin, 21 of La Grange – arrested Oct. 25 for assault

Raymond W. Irwin, 75 of La Grange – arrested Oct. 25 for failure to signal and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Elizabeth K. Wilson, 29 of Carrollton - arrested Oct. 25 for a parole violation warrant

Jean E. Mateo-Cruz, 23 of Louisville - cited and released Oct. 26 for no operators license, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia

Eric L. Sudduth, 48 of La Grange – arrested Oct. 26 for an Oldham County warrant of one charge

William B. Hall, 45 of Bedford – arrested Oct. 29 for assault, terroristic threatening and alcohol intoxication

Property Transfers

Oldham Farms Development, LLC to Master-craft Homes, LLC, Lot55, Brentwood, Section 1, $78,000

Mastercraft Homes, LLC to Carla and Larry Geinett, Jr., Lot 55, Brentwood, Section 1, $464,400

Ruby Hoffmann to Ruby Hoffmann, Lot 4, Ash Log Creek, quitclaim, 3221 Old Sligo Road, La Grange, FMV $160,000

Marci Fawver to Judith Cultra, Lot 8, Maple Meadows, $263,000

Fackler Homes, Inc. to Kenneth Powell, Lot 39, Artisan Park, Section 1, La Grange, $25,000

Mark and Jennifer Baumer to Blake English, Lot 77, Morgan Place, Section 2, 2211 Morgan Ridge Ct., La Grange, $299,000

Pamela Hansen to Lauren Olgine and Ryan Werner, Lot 36, Grand Villa, 1916 Grand Villa Drive, La Grange, $390,000

Brian and Davena Vowels to Sonya and Claude Waddell, Lot 2, Whitewood Bend, 1018 Whitewood Bnd, La Grange, $455,000

The Moore Living Trust to Grace and Scott Moore, Lot 138, Heather Hill, Section 3, $267,000

Grace and Scott Moore to Brookfield Relocation, Inc., Lot 138, Heather Hill, Section 3, $329,750

Brookfield Relocation, Inc. to Andre and Catherine Tsai, Lot 138, Heather Hill, Section 3, $329,750

James and Tami Szeszulski to Kelsey and Stacie Edwards, Lot 46, Zaring Farms, Section 2, 4100 Meyers Avenue, Crestwood, $369,995

Glen and Billye Combs to Adam Combs, Lots 9 & 10, College Hill, quitclaim, FMV $108,000

David and Thelma Durham to Grant & Jenifer Thompson, Lot 365, Borowick Farms, Section 6, $355,000

Charles and Joyce Nutt to Angela and Timothy Hollinden, Sr., Tract 1, Cedar Point Road, 2720 Cedar Point Road, Crestwood, $522,500

Servicelink, LLC to Mia Zetter, Lot 57, Cherrywood Place, Section 2B, 2024 Cherry Ridge Court, La Grange, $220,000

Patrick and Beverly Gillespie to Katherine Gillespie, Lot 76, Lockwood Estates, Section 2, 3834 Barbara Ann Blvd., Crestwood, FMV $210,000

Sonja Lowery to Jonathan and Erin Finch, Lot 27, Shadow Creek Farms, Section 2, 2001 Crooked Creek Court, Crestwood, $285,000

Greg and Laura Bickley to Marci and Dale Fawver, Jr.,Lot 2, Brentwood, Section 1, $490,000

Ryan and Celia Arnett to Claudia Hunsaker and Hunter Reynolds, Lot 48, Confederate Estates, 6621 Five Forks Drive, Pewee Valley, $178,500

Marina and Ronald Burchett to Cleo Williamson, 3 Tracts, Mount Mercy Drive, quitclaim, Mount Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley, FCV $90,000, FCV of Grantors one-sixth interest: $15,000

Kevin and Kelly Markle to Kaden and Moriah Markle, Lots 26 & 27, Woodlawn Addition, $97,500

Shelley Huberty to Shelley A. Huberty Living Trust, Lot 57, Rivers Landing, FCV $501,094.20

Adela Cappitulo to Gage and Lauren Murphy, Lot 100, Cedar Springs, Section 4, 1220 Cedar Springs Pkwy., La Grange, $160,000

R L Realty Holdings, LLC to Cynthia and Heber Godsey, III, Unit 11, Gardens of Hunters Ridge, Building 2, Phase 9, $287,125

Marcy and Robert Stevenson to Dylan and Jessica Schoonover, Lot 284, Briar Hill Estates, Section 7, Crestwood, $580,000

Jason Orthober Builder, LLC to Aaron and Tamara Vincent, Lot 144, Brentwood, Section 3, 7502 Greenfield Place, Crestwood, $515,775

Vikram Thakur and Manu Allawadhi to Kristi and Staci Braverman, Lot 662, Glen Oaks, Section 12A, 5905 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $477,500

Joan Robinson to Phyllis Hurst, Lot 98, Springhouse Estates, Section 3, 1103 Manning Court, La Grange, $203,000

Sunderesh and Rita Heragu to Karen and Joseph Bonura, Lot 420, Hillcrest, Section 6B, 13301 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, $554,900

Jackie Amos to Joyce Clubb and Aricka Royalty, 5 Tracts, Westport Road, quitclaim, ad valorem tax purposes: $150,000. Current value of property being transferred herein is $50,000

Pat Sibley, Executrix, Pat Sibley and James Sibley, Joyce Clubb and Aricka and Jeffery Royalty to Pat and James Sibley, 59.88 acres, Highway 53, quitclaim, ad valorem tax purposes: $150,000. Current value of property being transferred herein is $50,000

Pat and James Sibley to Joyce Clubb and Aricka Royalty, 105.55 acres, Highway 53, quitclaim, 2200 Highway 53, North, La Grange, current FMV of the property for ad valorem tax purposes is $150,000. The current FMV being transferred herein is $100,000

Susan and George Stacy, Jr. to George and Sue Stacy Living Trust, Lot 15, Nevel Meade Views, 10060 Harrods Creek Road, Prospect, FCV $865,000

James and Gloria Carpenter to James Carpenter, Tract 1A 25.107 acres, Tract 3A 43.594 acres, quitclaim, FMV $710,000

Between Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corporation; Lindsay Buckman and Justin Epley; all by Valerie L.Shannon, Commissioner, and Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, Lot 9, 10, 11 and 12 Lafayette Park, 315 Dawkins Road, La Grange, $114,550, Commissions Deed

Faith and John Greenwell to Kyle and Kathy Halloway, Lot 298, Glen Oaks, Section 4B, 10504 Mountain Ash Lane, Prospect, $438,000

Deville Homes, Inc. to Gary and Beverly Carpenter, Lot 73, Poplar Woods, Section 3, 12409 Poplar Woods Drive, Goshen, $842,950

Shawn and Kimberly McDonald to Diana Kim Coleman, Lot 60, Morgan Place, Section 2, 2216 Morgan Ridge Court, La Grange, $315,000

Griffendorf Petroleum, LLC to Norsk Petroleum AS LC, Highway 22, Crestwood, FCV $235,000

Oldham Farms Development, LLC to Mason Construction and Development, LLC, Lot 119, Brentwood, Section 3, $81,500

Mason Construction and Development, LLC to Amanda Breslin and Jon Ray, Lot 119, Brentwood, Section 3, 7802 Ingram Way, Crestwood, $570,000

H. Michael Crawford and Lucy Crawford to Steven and Amy Jones, Unit 13, Building 3, Crestwood Gardens, Crestwood, $116,500

Nathan and Cynthia Merrell to John and Kathleen Bierbaum, Oak Street, La Grange, $155,900

Mark and Jennifer Hancock to Andrew and Amanda Riordan, Tract A, 9.533 acres, $100,000

Kela and Larry Parrella, II to Sierra and Joseph Thompson, Lot 20, Barbizon Place, 1109 Barbizon Drive, Goshen, $335,000