Public Records - April 11, 2019

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By The Staff

La Grange Police

Dustin Pavey, 39 of Crestwood – arrested March 26 for receiving stolen property

Juan Pineda, 47 of Bedford – cited and released March 29 for no registration plates and failure to maintain required insurance

John M. Hall, 40 of La Grange – arrested March 29 on an Indiana warrant of four charges

Ignacio Cruz, 39 of La Grange – cited and released March 29 for no registration plates, no registration receipt, failure to produce insurance card, failure to maintain required insurance, no operators license and operating on a expired license

Nava Alvarez, 37 of Crestwood, cited and released March 29 for improper signal, no operators license, rear license plate not illuminated and improper display of registration

Johnie Ashbury Jr., 33 of West Point – arrested March 29 for disregarding compulsory turn lane, operating suspended license, possession of revoked license and failure to produce insurance card

Joseph C. Jordan, 47 of Louisville – cited and released March 30 for disorderly conduct

Christopher Abbott, 41 of Crestwood – arrested March 30 for alcohol intoxication

Eli Walker, 37 of Eminence, cited and released April 1 for operating on a suspended license

Property Transfers

Richard and Mary Ann Bedwell to NSH & Sons, LLC, Unit 16-Bldg. 3, Crestwood Gardens, Phase 1, Crestwood, $130,000

David Pyles and Kathy Lay to Kathy Lay, Lot 54, Clovercroft, quitclaim, 6404 Cross Brook Drive, Pewee Valley, FCV $245,000

Edgar Powell, Jr. to Robert Rogers, Shelbyville and Westport Road, $50,000

John and Lynn Egan to John and Lynn Egan, 2 Tracts, 119.8 acres, section 1-Hebel Farm, FCV $1,500,000

George and Shawna Nalley to Pezhman Agehnejad and Laleh Fathi, Lot 34, Carriage Pointe, 5107 Reynolds Run Road, Crestwood, $390,500

Elizabeth Wallace to Christopher and Elizabeth Turner, Lot 18, River Glen, 3600 Deer Pond Cove, Prospect, $925,000

Sherry McCarson Fields Revocable Trust to Randall and Sherry Fields, Lot 19, Woods of Pewee Valley, Section 1, 7901 Rollington Road, Pewee Valley, FCV $1,200,000

71 Land Group, LLC to Peggy Mckinney, Lot 29, Ballard Glen, Section 2, 4710 Deer Creek Place, Smithfield, $277,352.67

Shannon Pottie to Stephen Pottie, amendment, La Grange

Key Homes, LLC to Kathleen VanAllen, Lot 20, Independence Park, 7710 Independence Place, Crestwood, $229,950

Cynthia Harbin to Cynthia Harbin, Lot 39, Harmony Village, FCV $80,000

Cynthia Harbin to Cynthia Harbin, Lot 38, Harmony Village, FCV $80,000

Marty Flannery and Mary Boone to Marty Flannery, Lot 99, Cardinal Harbour, Section 2, quitclaim, 13923 Harbour Place, Prospect, FMV $140,000

Daniel Koci to Goodknight Development, LLC, Lot 2, Harmony Lake, Block AA, Section 1, 1041 Harmony Landing Road, Goshen, $216,000

Peggy McKinney to James and Amy Nettle, 40.723 acres Pattons Creek, 1659 Pattons Creek Road, Pendleton, $343,000

Creek Alley Contracting, LLC to Sidney Moody and Betsy Ross, .383 acre, Saddlers Mill Road, 4909 Saddlers Mill Road, La Grange, $452,732.16

William Scott Shuey Estate to Patricia Carby, Lot 28, Majestic Woods, Section 2, $211,500

Christopher and Taryn Noll to DeWayne and Natalie Self, Lot 26, Heather Green, Section 1A, 2705 Heather Green Blvd., La Grange, $420,000

Penny B. Lane and Christopher Lane to Penny B. Lane, Tract 12, Organ Creek Farms, Section 1, quitclaim, 2209 Ridge Road, Pendleton, FCV $168,000

Alderwoods (Mississippi), LLC to SCI Kentucky Funeral Services, Inc., Ex-A-1.6133 acres, Highway 146, Dawkins Road, MV $1,100,000

Robert and Rebecca Williams to Gary and Beth Criscillis Revocable Family Trust, 24 75/100 acres, Saddlers Mill Road, $169,000

BBWD Partners, LLC to Fischer Homes Louisville, LLC, Lot 40, Summit Parks, Section 1-A, $61,500

Brownsboro Land Company, Inc. to Laura Forbes, 9.5015 acres, Park Shore Road, 1215 Park Shore Road, La Grange, $535,000

Ross and Kimberly Hofmeyer to Danny and Kimberly Howard, Lot 3, Ashbrooke Residential Community, $180,000

Blake-Moore Properties, LLC to John Joseph Family Revocable Trust, 0.210 acres, Walnut Street, $140,000

Mark Boyatt and Jacqueline Boyatt to Mark Boyatt, Lot 16, Dream Harbor, quitclaim, 3021 Belknap Beach Road, Prospect, FCV $135,000

Rick and Kayla Burdette to Stephen and Brenda Daisey, Lot 132, Echo Valley Farms, 3614 Echo Valley Circle, La Grange, $285,000

Lifestyle Rentals, LLC to William and Janet Grant, Lot 2, $148,999

Kenneth and Elizabeth Schmidt to Chick Real Estate Management, LLC to Tract-2, 5.547 acres, $340,000

I H of KY, Inc. to James White, Lot 5, Heather Ridge, Section 1, 2809 Chelsea Meadow Way, La Grange, $340,000

Mattingly-Jones, LLC to The Jones Group, LLC, Lot 54, Heritage Hills, 4606 Sams Court, Crestwood, $67,900

The Jones Group, LLC to Alfred and Madalyn White, Lot 54, Heritage Hills, 4606 Sams Court, Crestwood, $424,499

Mark and Betsy Lowe to Jaclyn and Jason Mills, Lot 550, Glen Oaks, Section 11B, 6104 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $454,000

Paul Darius and Samantha Reynolds to Paul Darius, Lot 122, Cedar Springs, Section 4, quitclaim, 1215 Cedar Springs Parkway, La Grange, FCV $126,000

Larry and Erica Bozulic to Ryan and Maral Etienne, Lot 43, Ridgeview Place, 12304 Ridgeview Drive, Goshen, $638,000

Jamie Shavers to Jamie Shavers, Lot 15, Whit Acres, quitclaim, 1610 Whittaker Road, Crestwood

MRC Construction Company, Inc. to Steven and Anne Cannon, Lot 107, Brentwood, Section 3, 7803 Ingram Way, Crestwood, $502,753.78

Shannon Hatchell to Amanda Williams, Lot 113, Pear Orchard, Section 5, 1608 Hopkins Court, La Grange, $149,000

James and Leah Mantooth to Michael and Kymberly Duncan, 1.0004 acres + or -, Highway 53, 4608 S. Highway 53, Crestwood, $200,000

Cody and Brittany Wathen to Jason and Sunda Lawrence, Unit 205, Madison Park Condo, 5903 Landers Avenue, Unit 205, Crestwood, $135,800

Gloria Burchfield to Timothy Hoover, Cedar Point Road, 3120 Cedar Point Road, La Grange, $145,000

Deville Homes, Inc. to Kevin and Jennifer Edlin, Lot 14, Cherry Grove, $623,230

Covault Revocable Living Trust to Constance and Michael Dalton, Lot 82, Quail Run Farms, Section 3, 1809 Foxboro Road, La Grange, $298,855

Jonathan and Amanda Matthews to Leah and James Mantooth, Lot 66, Ashbrooke Residential, $280,000

Christopher and Elizabeth Turner to Jared and Amber Bolton, Lot 16, Ridgeview Place, $505,000

Amy and Stephen McBride to Kevin Moore, Lot 39, Crestview Terrace, 6207 Hillcrest Court, Crestwood, $182,000

Key Homes, LLC to James and Constance Patrick, Lot 12, Villas at Claymont Springs, 6523 Claymont Village Drive, Crestwood, $374,000

Deer Park Partners, LLC to Joseph Markham, Tracts 1, 2 & 3 Highway 22, Orchard Grass Hills, FCV $1,400,000

Joseph and Anne Markham to Graham Village Apartments, LLC, Tracts 1, 2 & 3 Highway 22, FCV $1,400,000

Uldis and Patricia Streips Trust to Krista Streips and Adams Streips, Lot 57, Cardinal Harbour, Section 5, 2212 Cardinal Harbour, Prospect, $301,000

Lori and John McDowell, III to Lori McDowell, Lot 56, Arbor Ridge, Section 3, quitclaim, 6801 Northwind Way, Crestwood, $370,000

Paul and Rita Glardon to Heather and Thomas Luckert, Jr., Lot 19, Maple Grove Farms, Section 2, $250,000

Between U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., Terry Kincaid, Regina Kincaid; Citifinancial Servicing, LLC, successor by merger to Citifinancial Services, Inc., successor by merger to Public Finance Corp., all by Edith F. Halbleib, Master Commissioner, and U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., Lot 622, Willow Creek, Section 6, $173,187.41, Commissioners Deed