Owners of Dollar Tree property racking up fines, liens

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By Kenny Colston

After months with signage up and lights on, the progress of a new Dollar Tree store in La Grange is still uncertain.


The store, located at 410 S. First Street, has endured countless rumors of delays, as well as mounting fines and liens placed on the property.

Those fines include $3,485 from the Oldham County Code Enforcement Board, which levied the fine at its April 2 meeting.

The fine comes from a building code and zoning issues at the property regarding a retaining wall and a guardrail at Yager Avenue.

Planning and Zoning Director Jim Urban said Icon Properties, which owns the shopping center, built a retaining wall without first consulting the county engineer or getting the project approved. At the same time, a guardrail was not initially put in to prevent drivers or pedestrians from driving off Yager Avenue into the parking lot below.

After requests for Icon to put up a guardrail went unanswered, the city of La Grange put one up instead, Urban said, passing the expense to the property owner.

Because of the unresponsiveness of Icon to the wall and guardrail issues, the code enforcement board levied the penalties on Icon in unanimous votes. Icon was made aware of the violations back in February as well as a notice of the code enforcement hearing, according to the minutes of the April 2 meeting.

Additionally, the property has several liens placed on it, the most recent being placed April 23, according to records held by the county clerk. The latest two liens were placed by Parkstone Capital Properties, whose website said they deal with “non-performing” and “sub-performing” real estate properties.

A lien was also placed on Feb. 10 by Land Design and Development, Inc., a Louisville-based firm that specializes in civic engineering and landscape development, according to their website.

Liens on the property are also held by Branch Banking and Trust, Flooring Gallery LLC, PNC Bank and Eclipse Bank, according to deed records.

Calls to Icon were not returned.

So far, the city of La Grange has no plans to file a lien or take legal action against the property due to the expense of putting up the guardrail, city attorney Steve Emery said.

He also said that having multiple liens and outstanding payments on commercial property can be common around the state and doesn’t necessarily mean the Dollar Tree won’t open.

A check of the property last Friday revealed the retaining wall to be broken and torn down in some sections, while empty shelves still sat inside the building the Dollar Tree is supposed to inhabit.

Signs still remained posted about employment at the store, as well as several stickers from the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx and other delivery agencies about missing deliveries.

As for when the development may actually open the Dollar Tree, many county and city officials remain in the dark about that.

And Urban said the county is still having trouble getting answers about the property.

“They have been totally unresponsive,” Urban said.

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