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Mini-triathlon draws over 150 competitors in Buckner

By Jason Stamm

Aside from an error in his competing age group, North Tullis, 13, couldn’t have asked for a better showing in the Apex Physical Therapy Mini-Triathlon Saturday.

Tullis finished the 400-meter swim, 10-mile bike and 3k run with a time of 1:01:03.6.

At the awards ceremony after the race, Tullis was erroneously awarded the top time in the female 14 and under group. Tullis’ time was in fact the best in the male 14 and under group.

“I really wanted to get this, really wanted to get first,” he said. “I was working really hard and trained not a lot, but quite a bit.”

The overall race winner was Scott Kellie out of the 30-34 age group with a time of 47:03.3. Holly Teal from the 35-39 age group was the top female across at a clip of 59:56.5, making her 25th overall.

David Long, 38, from Louisville was third overall and the top male runner in the 35-39 age group with a time of 52:43.1. Long broke his foot and was unable to run for 10 months. This was his first race since shedding the walking boot from the injury.

“I wore a boot and then I did some pool workouts to rehab, a lot of strengthening of the foot,” Long said. “Slowly, I started getting back into running on grass and stuff like that. But honestly, this is probably the third time I’ve run since it was broken. It was a long, slow process.”

Cold water in the pool at the Oldham County Aquatics Center also made for a longer race.

“I felt like I could’ve done better but the water was so cold that it kinda threw me off a little bit,” said Aimee Johnson, 29, of Louisville. “When you got on the bike, it was still really cold from the water.”

Johnson was the top female in the 25-29 age group, finishing 36th overall with a time of 1:02:32.8.

In her third mini-triathlon, Oldham County sophomore Mackenzie Weiland was runner-up in the female 15-19 group with a time of 1:10:10.9.

Weiland swims for the Shelby Sharks club team in Shelbyville, but had to work harder on the other portions of the race.

“I’m not very good in biking, so I struggled a lot,” she said. “I just have a mountain bike, so it was difficult.”

Susan Byrne, 53, from Louisville was the top finisher in the female 50-54 age group with a time of 1:08:43.9. She placed 70th overall, but to her, that wasn’t the most important thing.

“I’m just glad to still be participating at my age,” Byrne said. “It just shows that there is no age limit on this. I hope it encourages other people to get out there and move their bodies. Being physically active strengthens you mentally and emotionally. That’s why I do it, challenging myself.”

Tullis just smiled and laughed when going to accept his award. He’d successfully completed the race with a good time and impressed his support group.

“I felt pretty good,” he said. “Everyone else, like my family and friends were saying that I looked pretty good when I was transitioning and biking and everything.”

Results of
saturday’s  APEX
physical therapy Mini-Triathlon

Overall & Male Winner
Scott Kellie            47:03.3

Female Winner
Holly Teal             59:56.5       
Female 14 and under
Courtney LaForest        1:08:00.5          
Bailley Hanks        1:43:14.7
Male 14 and under
North Tullis        1:01:03.6          
Spencer Hayden        1:01:05.3          
Joshua Hancock        1:08:37.4          
Ben O’Brien        1:10:31.3          
Elijah Donohue        1:18:35.8    

Female 15-19
44  Rachel Hardin         1:05:25.1          
75  Mackenzie Weiland      1:10:10.9          
102  Yvonne Johnson           1:15:28.3          
104  Evelyn Ansert                1:16:12.7          
143  Molly Mathistad          1:52:24.6    

Male 15-19
Tucker Creger                 1:04:19.2          
Alex Meade                  1:06:44.3          
Steven Saxey          1:07:50.5          
Mike Link            1:22:56.5    

Female 20-24
Alyssa Bassler          1:14:36.9          
Jenny Armstrong             1:18:46.8          
Sydney Hunsaker            1:33:11.0          
Beth Tingey          1:38:47.5    

Male 20 to 24
Brian Swan         1:05:53.1

Female 25-29
Aimee Johnson        1:02:32.8          
Jennifer Dominik              1:06:02.2          
Simone Twibell                1:06:40.1          
Crystal Baker        1:07:12.0          
Mallory Johnson               1:18:09.9          
Ashley Czirr         1:24:12.8    

Male 25-29
Joey Brown           1:10:17.9          
Brad McCullough            1:23:27.4          
Dwaine Durrett                1:32:51.2    

Female 30-34
Melissa Christensen            1:01:34.2          
Mindy Wiseman         1:09:07.9          
Emily S. Crouch                1:12:03.8          
Tracey Mui            1:12:19.5          
Marie Robinson        1:13:11.7          
Elizabeth Freem Schrem     1:16:52.1          
Robin Kindig          1:21:57.9          
Abbie Leffert         1:25:31.9    

Male 30-34
Ari Yeskel            56:42.9          
Jonathun Kindig               56:59.9          
Corey Logsden         57:00.0          
Jared Armstrong               58:50.0          
Nick Roederer         58:59.7          
Michael Lynch         59:26.7          
Josh Elliot              1:00:15.0          
Larry Woodward                1:08:00.6          
David Barry          1:08:21.2         
Wes Sydnor           1:16:12.1         
Matt Robinson        1:18:09.4    

Female 35-39
Laura Shaffer        1:06:06.2          
Sue Henley           1:07:33.1          
Kathryn Klope Warren      1:07:38.7          
Pam Connerly         1:18:44.3          
Whitney Potter        1:21:09.6    

Male 35-39
David Long             52:43.1          
Mark Dodge                  54:21.9          
Benjamin Marmor           55:39.7          
Terry Davis            58:51.4          
Marty Wissing         1:00:08.0          
Jeramy Kazlauskas            1:02:35.0          
Ryan Sprau            1:05:21.7          
Craig Klingenfus              1:07:35.0          
Ben Greenberg         1:07:49.9         
Daniel Poling         1:07:53.4         
Mike Beneke           1:08:33.6         
Aaron Wettstein                1:13:36.4         
Matt Weber            1:41:17.5    

Female 40-44
Susan Miller          1:09:05.0          
Leigh Sheridon        1:09:24.9          
Sofia Foree           1:09:34.3          
Cathleen Franklin              1:10:16.4          
Elizabeth Tullis               1:10:45.2          
Lauren Murphy         1:15:15.5          
Liz Schneider         1:27:41.5    

Male 40-44   
Clay Jones                     47:29.7          
Robert Miller          57:30.7          
Michael Cook           58:46.1          
Doug Flint             58:51.8          
Christian Stewart              59:44.1          
Shannon Bouchillon            1:01:17.8          
Tony Varda            1:01:31.7        
Daniel Dominquez               1:01:45.5        
Steve Zanetti         1:02:04.0       
Mark Alcott           1:04:51.5         
Chris Schulten        1:07:14.2         
Tom Springer          1:08:38.0         
John Haws             1:11:33.3         
Kent Steier           1:14:56.1         
Alex Talbott          1:15:11.3    
Liam Felsen           1:16:34.5     
Bryan Eichart         1:17:54.0       
Richard Malubay                1:18:39.3        
Doug Kalmey           1:19:29.6         
D.P. Dillon           1:20:23.0     
John Hanks            1:42:55.8    

Female 45-49   
Sally Corrigan        1:01:33.3     
Janet Brown           1:11:23.9  
Deb Strickland        1:15:09.8        
Lesia Grantz          1:19:31.1    
Donna Stewart         1:20:31.6     
Ann Arentsen          1:25:44.8         
Laura Hernan          1:26:17.4    

Male 45-49
Charles E Fell Jr.             53:18.7      
Bob Hobbs              54:19.0          
James Homrighausen         58:14.7   
Robert Weidner         59:45.4      
Jerry Welch           1:05:10.4         
Joe Ray Nelson        1:05:20.1         
Tom Knabel            1:05:59.6          
Scott Richter         1:06:39.4         
Carlos Mendia         1:07:22.9         
Timothy Murphy        1:08:08.1        
David Scharf          1:08:31.9         
Martin Humpreys                1:10:54.9         
John Worth            1:11:37.1        
Allen Knoerr          1:13:03.6        
Robin Lawson          1:14:46.2         
James A. Baker        1:24:56.1        
Carl Sword            1:27:55.0         
Vince Navarra         1:49:32.8    

Female 50-54  
Susan Byrne           1:08:43.9        
Carolyn Veigl         1:19:23.8          
Bonnie Robinson                1:20:38.2     
Julie Brunner         1:56:41.2    

Male 50-54
Ben Cawthon            57:15.9  
Lee Hamilton           57:22.0    
Joe Filar                  57:41.3      
Tom Reynolds           58:42.6        
Dean Donohue          1:05:40.6          
Woody Franklin        1:10:20.0          
Roger Bloyd           1:10:24.2        
Bob Stromberg          1:11:51.2        
Cisco Link (Jim)                1:14:24.4         
Sanford Lapin          1:17:04.0         
Rusty Watson           1:29:44.8    

Male 55-59   
Jim Link                  1:04:03.0    
Bill Nowak            1:13:47.3     
Dave Maume            1:14:42.4   
Bill Viney                1:40:12.8    

Female 60-64
Josey Talbott         1:29:58.4    

Male 60-64   
N.T. Ricker           1:05:39.3      
John Nelson           1:11:33.7     
John Hunter           1:27:07.0    

Team standings
Team Lions             1:01:19.9          
Team-Tri Is All              1:05:36.4          
Team Snooze Alarm             1:06:02.7          
Team Just Tri It                1:12:20.2    

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