Official accused of leaving city hall with conference table

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Lack of reponse from former mayor prompts city to keep pushing lawsuit

By Marion Taylor

The City of La Grange continues its battle with former mayor Elsie Carter. 

The latest development involves failure of Carter and her attorney to answer the city’s complaint from May 27. 

City attorney Steve Emery said at the last hearing Carter and her representation were given 20 days to respond to the city’s amended complaint. 

“And 20 days was yesterday,” he said.

The complaint alleged that Carter removed official records and property from city hall and improperly sold city property during her final days in office. 

Carter served two terms as mayor of La Grange and was also a former city council member.

According to the suit filed in Oldham circuit court in February, Carter did not go through the proper steps for sale of city-owned property. 

The suit requested a judgment declaring the contract invalid and restoring ownership to the city

In addition, Carter left office with the city’s conference room table.  The city is also missing documents containing information about blueprints for City Hall and two grants.

After amending these allegations the court left Carter and her attorney 20 days to file an answer. 

 It’s possible that Carter’s attorney will file something in the next few days as a late answer, Emery said. 

If the response is accepted, everything would proceed without interruption. 

However, if Carter does not file a response or a late response is rejected by the court the timeline will be drawn out. 

“That doesn’t happen overnight,” Emery said.

The City of La Grange filed a motion for default judgment today –  June 17 – which requests that the city receive judgment in its favor and that a hearing date be set to discuss damages. 

According to the motion, Carter’s failure to respond to the allegations should result in a finding that all of the allegations are admitted. 

Emery said it’s a motion for the “city to get what they asked for.”


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