North Oldham Fire Department reduces tax rates for two districts

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By Taylor Riley

  The North Oldham Fire District will reduce tax rates in its district by five percent, beginning July 1.
  The current property tax rate of $0.10 per $100 of assessed valuation will be reduced to $0.095 per $100 of assessed valuation. which was voted on at the NOFD Board of Trustees meeting May 14.
  “The tax cut marks two years of determined effort on the part of the NOFD board and staff to improve all aspects of the fire department,” NOFD Chairman Randy Scherer said in a press release. “We have improved the financials of the district by paying down debt and freeing up cash flow. We have increased pay for our paid professional firefighter coverage. All of these moves put us in a position of confidence that the department is going in the right direction and can reduce taxes for our taxpayers.”
  This will add up to $70,000 from the NOFD budget to give back to taxpayers, says NOFD Chief Tim Conway.
  Along with the tax cut for NOFD will also be a change for the Countryside River-Bluff district, too, because of the merger into the NOFD district. Countryside there will now be paying $0.095 per $100 of assessed valuation.
  The merger will happen June 1 at 8 a.m., said Conway.
  This is contingent on an audit of Countryside River-Bluff that has yet been given to NOFD.
  “Assuming that there are no hick-ups, we will go ahead with the merger,” Scherer said at the regular meeting.
  The North Oldham Fire District provides Fire and Rescue services for 3,949 homes in the area, according to Conway. It is a 47-sq. mile area of northern Oldham County bordered by and including an 11-mile stretch of the Ohio River, Harrods Creek, Hwy 524 and the Oldham County Line. Countryside River-Bluff currently serves 159 homes, said Conway.

Trustee Resignation

NOFD also announced that they are searching for a firefighter representative to serve on the Board of Trustees, effective July 1.
  Hewett Brown served four years on the board, but will not run again.
  “We want to formally thank you for your years of service,” Scherer told Brown at the regular meeting.
  May 22 was the cut-off date for applicants. Firefighter and homeowner trustees are four-year terms, while the Judge-Executive appointed trustees are three-year terms.
  It has not yet been announced who will replace Brown.

Open House Scheduled

NOFD also issued a public invitation to attend an Open House on Sat. May 30 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  The Open House will be located at the Goshen firehouse at 1660 KY Hwy 1793 in Goshen.
  BBQ and hot dogs will be provided. Firehouse tours, fire truck displays and children’s activities are also planned. Firefighters will be assisting the public rappelling out of the tower, said a press release.
  For more information on the North Oldham Fire Department, go to www.nofd.org.