No ego for the strong

For those of you that don’t know, I am a 46-year-old weekend warrior that can remember being physically fit and being an ultra-competitor. Now, I spend time wishing for my early 30s, thinking about the risk of falling and eating a bag of Cheetos after I work out. 

My most recent attempt to turn back time has come by way of the La Grange Urban Extreme Short circuit mountain bike series sponsored by Goose Creek Cycle. It hasn’t went all that well when compared to standards I once judged my performance by. But it has went, literally. 

I can tell you that all those that have found the couch and a beer to be the best way to destress may be on to something. But I am a glutton for punishment that continues to push my out of shape physique to it’s limits trying to capture if only for a second that feeling of youth that comes by pushing ones self athletically. 

And I did it this week. In short bursts of 1 to 2 minutes I was somebody again. I was racing. And it felt good. Much like golfers that know it only takes one good shot to make you believe that you might be able to be good at the sport, I felt an energy this past weekend. An energy I had a long time ago and suggested my spinal chord could be reshaped to fit a bike instead of a recliner, and that perhaps life comes more by inhaling the extreme, than by sipping the passive. 

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