New "I voted" stickers come to Oldham

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By Taylor Riley

Voters will soon receive a new sticker when they turn out to the polls later this year.

This is the second time that the stickers, sometimes used to tell employers that their employees took time out to vote, has undergone cosmetic changes over the years, said Oldham County Clerk Julie Barr.

Barr wanted to create a new sticker to enhance voter turnout and to engage voters.

Instead of the classic, “I voted” sticker, voters can opt for the new design, which includes a Constitution-era font saying “We the people of the United States,” an American flag and “I voted today.”

Barr put her idea for the new stamps first on Facebook to gather opinions from residents and she said even the classic sticker lovers have shown appreciation for the new design.

39,000 stickers will be given out to voters on future election days at the polls and Barr said there would be plenty of both designs for everyone.

“I would love to see an election with a high turnout, but it just doesn’t always happen,” Barr said. “I just want to let them know (the voters) are part of the process and that their vote does matter and does count.”

For more information on the new sticker design, go to: oldhamcountyclerkky.com.