McConnell: National marketplace would fix Obamacare problems

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By Taylor Riley


A local business was able to get a political update from one of the top Congressional leaders this week.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped by Fastline Publications in Buckner Monday to speak to employees, local residents and leaders about the state of the country.

McConnell talked about his concern for the future of small businesses in the economy, addressing the host, Fastline, a farm equipment catalogue company. He spoke to the crowd about life after recession and the effect President Obama’s terms in office have had on the country.

“I think elections have consequences,” said McConnell. “The best way to change the president’s approach is to change the Senate.”

In a question and answer session, Oldham County Judge-Executive David Voegele asked the senator if there was any way the president could be impeached but McConnell said it wasn’t likely.

“I don’t want to give up on the president just yet and the reason is…he was elected,” said McConnell. “The leader is supposed to lead. He’s got two and a half more years. (But), I’d like to see him go in a different direction.”

McConnell spoke about his concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, saying it was “a huge step in the wrong direction.” He said the healthcare plan is making consumers pay higher prices, deductibles and causing the loss of jobs.

To fix the “problems” that the system has caused, McConnell said he would like to see a national competitive market be set up to keep “prices down and quality up,” and he would like to see national malpractice rules take place.

Others brought up questions concerning McConnell’s upcoming election, such as his views on women’s issues in Kentucky. The senator said even though Alison Grimes has the female position on the ballot, it doesn’t mean she will win the gender vote.

“I could be wrong, but most of the barriers have been lowered,” said McConnell. “Women voters will look at the same issues as men are.”

McConnell also replied to a question about student debt, saying he didn’t think the federal government should forgive excess student loans. He explained the cost of higher education is “too high,” but an answer to the problem might be to provide competitive shopping around local alternatives. He suggested parents to be more cost conscious and send their kids to colleges closer to home.

“I went to a regular-old Kentucky college and some people say I did OK,” McConnell said.

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