Mayor upset with media

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By Taylor Riley


A Goshen ordinance amending a pet law to include cats on leashes has become a local media hit but Goshen Mayor Bob Thacker isn’t too pleased.

Thacker told attendees at a city commission meeting earlier this week that the press inaccurately portrayed the amendment to the ordinance.

Thacker commented that the intent of the ordinance is not to require cats on leashes, although the amendment clearly states, “No dog or cat within the city shall be permitted off of the property of the dog’s or cat’s owner unless the dog or cat is being restrained by the owner through the use of a leash.”

Thacker said in an interview with the Era when the story was originally published July 17, that if cited, there would be a fee involved, but the ordinance might be hard to enforce.

“A lot of cats run free and we don’t know how to control them,” Thacker said at the time. “We just hope this makes homeowners more responsible.”

Thacker also went to the City of Goshen Facebook page to post on July 26 that he encourages residents to “contact myself or the commission for the real facts and intent of the amendment.”

Thacker attacked the media at the meeting saying he has “learned his lesson” and he will no longer be conducting any future interviews.

This amendment and other ordinances have left some residents wondering if the commission is overstepping their boundaries.

One Goshen resident told the Era that they thought the council does a relatively good job, but that some of the ordinances and decisions are unnecessary.

“I think there needs to be a little bit more common sense brought to the table,” Harold Coyle said.

Thacker said more people have expressed a desire for more ordinances for the city, than those who have expressed that the local government has gone too far. He also said they are put into enforcement after a number of complaints about the same subject matter.

“These are your ordinances, you tell us what to do,” Thacker said.

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