Masseuse calls 911 from deputy sheriff’s home

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By Tracy Harris

Police were called to an off-duty Oldham County Sheriff’s Deputy’s home after an erotic masseuse called 911.

According to a report by Oldham County Police, William Schulte, a deputy with the OCSO, hired the masseuse to come to his home on Dover Cove, in Buckner, on Nov. 4.

Sheriff Steve Sparrow said Schulte resigned following the incident to resolve personal issues.

Schulte does not face any criminal charges and denied any wrongdoing to police.

He had worked for OCSO for five years and was a retired Louisville Metro Police officer.

On Nov. 4, Schulte received an erotic dance and massage from the masseuse, according to the police report. He allegedly solicited sex from the masseuse and stole her cell phone when she refused. 

The masseuse told police Schulte demanded his money back and went through her jacket, taking her iPhone, according to the report.

She then went outside to enlist help from her driver, who is listed in the report as her boyfriend.

When the driver approached the Schulte’s home, Schulte had a gun in his hand and told them to leave.

They waited for police in the car.

According to the report, Schulte denied having any involvement with the masseuse or pointing a gun at anyone. He told police he was holding the gun in his hand when he opened the door.

He claimed his friends had been at his home and that they called the masseuse and must have taken her phone because he didn’t have it.

Officers later found the woman’s phone in Schulte’s back yard.

Police contacted some of the people Schulte said must have taken the phone, however, they said they’d left three hours earlier and a masseuse was not present.

When police confronted Schulte with the phone and testimony from his friend, Schulte did not provide an explanation.

According to the report, Schulte continued to deny taking the phone and said he had his weapon in-hand when the driver came to the door but didn’t point it at him.

“Upon contact with Schulte, it was evident by the smell coming from him and the slurred speech that he had been consuming alcohol,” the report states. “He even finished a glass of wine while officers were on scene.”

Schulte found out Giles was writing a report and asked officers not to file one.

Schulte’s OCSO cruiser was not visible from the street. Police believe the masseuse and driver were unaware of Schulte’s job as a deputy.

They declined to press charges after the phone was returned. 

The driver later contacted OCPD and said he spoke with Sparrow and County Attorney John Carter and still did not wish to press charges once learning Schulte was a deputy.