Letters to the Editor - Nov. 29, 2018

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By The Staff

We need to use more renewable resources

Renewable resources are able to be used over and over again. Non-renewables are not replenished quickly and once they are used they can no longer be used again. The most popular to use is non-renewable. In Kentucky, we mostly get our energy from coal. The U.S Energy Information Administration indicates in 2017, that 79 percent of all electricity used was from coal while 13 percent of it was from natural gas. Coal and natural gas cause pollution. Using renewable resources would help lower the rate at which we are affecting global warming. When we use natural gas and coal, gasses are being released into the atmosphere. These gasses trap heat, which then makes the world hotter. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, each year the temperature rises eight degrees. Higher rates of wildfires, dirtier air and higher death rates are a result of the eight-degree rise. Wildfire season would likely increase, which would affect humans and animals. California already has many wildfires. As seen in the news it is dangerous and people are having to evacuate their homes. Animals could go extinct because of the fires. People who already have asthma and lung problems will continue to develop more. Using renewable resources could help us create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Scientists need to continue to study and figure out ways to use renewable resources. As of right now, we could not switch over, but we need to start using more renewable resources and less non-renewable.

- Kristina Kepperling, La Grange