Letters to the Editor - May 2, 2019

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By The Staff

Agreement with letter about OC school system

I read the letter from Lisa Paris with great interest and more importantly serious agreement. The perversion of our education system has been in process for quite some time. I have three grown daughters that attended Oldham County Schools. The youngest is now 31. I recall having to de-program them at various times for the foolishness they were fed at school. Given the current situation we find ourselves in, I am certain this “programming” is not peculiar to Oldham County. A recent example that I have knowledge of took place at Oldham County High School. A friend of mine has a daughter in attendance there and she recently shared her experience about a so-called friend of her teacher coming into the classroom and going into a diatribe about AR-15 type weapons to her class. I don’t think this should be part of the curriculum. This is but one current instance that Ms. Paris speaks to and must stop. Our schools have largely become centers of social engineering rather than the seats of traditional education that we all expect.

- Chuck Kimberl, Skylight

Honor your mother by buying a brick

What a wonderful surprise I just had! My daughter bought a brick for me to support the Oldham County American Red Cross. My name will forever be part of the Victory Garden being built on Highway 393. The Victory Garden is named after a World War 2 program when food was limited. For the needy in Oldham County, healthy food options are rare. The Victory Garden will offer fresh fruits and vegetable to everyone.

Folks, honor your mother by buying a brick. She has enough perfume and candles. A brick is forever and you are helping to feed a child. Margaret is our Red Cross Director and mother of four. Hey kids, take a hint: Margaret wants a brick! Call 222-0308 today to be a part of history.

-Pamela Conniff, La Grange

Concerns about traffic congestion in Crestwood

I am a resident in the Madison Park neighborhood directly across from Walmart in Crestwood. I have a continuing concern about the intersection at Madison Park Place and Kenwood Crossing and have received no responses to letters written to my magistrate, Michael Logsdon.

At this intersection, so often drivers at the stop sign coming from Walmart assume the intersection is a four-way stop, when in fact it is not. Drivers will pull directly out in front of the cross-traffic, thinking those of us on Madison Park Place are going to be stopping. I cannot count the number of times I have almost been hit entering my subdivision.

On the other hand, those new to the intersection think that one should stop at the crosswalk on Madison Park Place when they truly have the right of way. This often confuses and holds up traffic when they stop.

What I am proposing is that either the stop signs leaving the Madison Park subdivision and on Kenwood Crossing have “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs installed on them, or that the entire intersection be changed to a four-way stop. I feel my first suggestion would be most cost-effective and less likely to disrupt the flow of traffic. The installation of the cross-traffic signs would offer protection to drivers if they were hit from someone coming off Kenwood in an accident. Those drivers involved could claim the stop signs were ignored.

I truly hope Mr. Logsdon will respond promptly to this repeated request.

- Rebecca Burke, Crestwood