Letters to the Editor - Jan. 3, 2019

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By The Staff

Concerns about new La Grange mayor

The new year brings a new La Grange administration. Already, concerns appear. Before John Black had even been sworn in and taken office, he announced our Police Chief Frank Conway was fired. No reason given. No problem noted with the way Chief Conway does his job. No complaints, period. Whether Mr. Black’s decision was personal, political or just because he could, it is a bad decision for this community.

Of all the things that this community needs, a new, unproven police chief is not one of them. Chief Conway has the respect of his officers, past mayors, city council members and the citizens. He has proven he can protect this town. He is an asset, not a problem to be solved.

This is a bad start for a new mayor. He was elected to serve the community, the people, not rule over a village according to his whims. La Grange has a limited amount of resources and intent to keep them and build on them…not throw them away for no good reason.

The next city council meeting is Jan. 7, 2019. Please join your fellow citizens and actively participate in our community’s affairs. We have a new Facebook page, “La Grange Watchdogs” that will aid in keeping the public informed and making information public.

- Elizabeth Kirkwood, La Grange