Letters to the Editor - Dec. 17, 2016

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 A message of thanks

As we are well into the celebration of Christ’s birth, it is time for each of us to personally reach out to thank those who have faithfully served us this past year.  

Each of us must think of ways to thank those who delivered our paper and our mail, those who picked up our refuse and our recyclables and those who performed personal services for us.

 - Don Helton, Pewee Valley


Against alcohol sales

In 2004, Oldham County voters were treated to a “duet” by the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organizations, the “lyrics” of which urged us to allow the county to become moist by approving limited alcohol sales in order (they said) to increase business in the County and keep more revenue in Oldham County.

Once again these same organizations are singing their “song” in asking to expand alcohol sales for the same reasons given in 2004…the same old “song” 11 years later…no, wait!  They added a new verse, as one spokesperson suggested, another expansion on alcohol sales would “diversify the local tax base, which would help relieve the tax burden on property owners.”  

Really?  How many of you are enjoying a lighter tax burden since the 2004 vote?

Once again, we are being asked to believe that expanding alcohol sales is necessary for our county.  Rather than refocusing energy and creativity into bringing additional manufacturing and shipping jobs into Oldham County through strategic planning and creative initiatives (as is the case with neighboring counties), the Chamber of Commerce and economic development groups seem to default to expanded alcohol sales as the answer.  

They sent out 30,000 pieces of mail to seek support for this upcoming vote.  I wonder what might have been accomplished if 30,000 pieces of mail had been sent to investors, industries and businesses seeking a new market or base of operations?  

Once again, we are asked to believe that expanding alcohol sales is needed to achieve economic growth.  How many more times must we go to the well of expanding alcohol sales to seek to accomplish real economic development?  

With the advantages of our interstate, the workforce resources of neighboring counties, and the availability of real estate for businesses and industries to locate in our county, I find it difficult to believe that we have exhausted all avenues of economic development other than more alcohol sales.

Once again?  Not again!  In 2015, let’s ask the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development to change their “tune.”  Vote “no” to expanded alcohol sales on Dec. 29.


- Lynn Traylor, Buckner


Foxhollow Farm voting “yes”

In 2006, my family began to convert our 1,300-acre Foxhollow Farm in Crestwood from a conventional three crop rotation operation into a thriving Biodynamic farm community, raising grassfed beef and organic produce. Since that day, we have had an “open gate” policy and proudly shared our working farm with neighbors and friends. 

As word about Foxhollow has spread across the region, we have experimented with new agritourism attractions, such as events and small tours. By 2011, we had a quaint grocery store and started serving our own hamburgers.  We enjoyed greeting visitors from both near and far, as they stopped-in for healthful, delicious food and to connect with neighbors and like-minded people. 

Over the years, however, we realized that many Oldham County folks were still heading to Louisville for their groceries and dining, and Louisville diners were hard to entice out on a regular basis. Our small but dedicated customer base was not enough to support the overhead of running a farm store and lunch counter, and so we closed it in December 2013. 

Despite this setback, we have continued to build Foxhollow into a community asset around our business of delicious grassfed beef and our commitment to healing the land. For the past few years, we’ve stuck to a simple but successful strategy: invite folks to the farm for lovingly curated seasonal events. Our summer Sunset Concert Series and annual Fall Festival have brought thousands of Louisville residents to Oldham County, and given our neighbors a viable option for family fun right in their backyard.

Hoping to grow these events, Foxhollow Farm encourages Oldham County residents to vote yes on Decc. 29.  Bar sales at Foxhollow events would mean so much to our business, generating additional revenues to sustain this farm’s outreach and provide even more offerings to our community.

We hope to greet you this summer and say cheers!


- Maggie Keith, 

Foxhollow Farm


Humane Society thanks help

The Humane Society of Oldham County would like to recognize the following area businesses for their support in sponsoring our 2015 annual “Santa Paws” fundraising event or for donating items to be used in the event.  Hats off to Derby Pet Fence, Puppy Luv Pet Sitters, Derby City Mobile Vet, Crestwood Dental Group, Jamison Sales and Rental Inc., Pet Suites, Gracious Plenty, The Pie Kitchen, E-Art Gallery, Lagrange Farmers Market Vendors, Moochies and Co., D’Tails Pet Salon, Soul Works and Golden Rule Angels.

    You are making a difference in the lives of animals in our community and we cannot thank you enough.



-Michele Culp, President