Letters to the Editor - April 25, 2019

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By The Staff

Thank you from the Humane Society

To everyone that attended the Fashion and Furiends event this past Saturday, and met my $10 challenge with a contribution, that your efforts are remarkable!

The Humane Society of Oldham County received $1,166 in cash, which with the challenge grant for the new building actually turns into $2,332.

Way to go Oldham County!

Many thanks.

- Jo Ross, La Grange

Road safety concern along Commerce Parkway

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Senator Ernie Harris and the Oldham Era.

I would like to draw your attention to a road safety concern I, and some of my friends and neighbors, have experienced whilst turning left (southbound) at the traffic light from Commerce Parkway onto Hwy 393 (Oldham County) at night.

Hwy. 393 northbound at that point has a turning lane onto Commerce Parkway and a further two lanes going straight ahead and is therefore very wide, and the problem for many drivers is that at night a car’s headlights when coming from Commerce Parkway only illuminate the road straight ahead which makes it almost impossible to see the median dividing the road to turn left, despite the reflectors placed there for oncoming traffic southbound on Hwy 393. Furthermore, in a smaller car the camber of the road also decreases the driver’s ability to see over the crown and across the road when coming from Commerce Parkway.

This problem is really exacerbated in poor driving conditions like rain and snow and fog (and age, in my case)...because there is no street lighting to help drivers like myself see clearly, and it would be very easy for a driver, particularly one who is unfamiliar with the road, to turn into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the median.

I wonder if, as a matter of road safety, it would be prudent to put some street lighting to help illuminate the junction and particularly the location of the median to reduce potential road traffic accidents?

I understand that this is a state maintained road and maybe you might communicate my (and my friends and neighbors) road safety concern to the relevant authorities or possibly lobby for some action to be taken.

-John McNulty, Crestwood

OC Schools are saturating students with opinions

The hot teaching style is SEL, social emotional learning. This method is definitely here in Oldham County. Dedicated teachers are methodically teaching opinions. Unarguably one sided and incorrect views of issues are peddled on students who do not have a fully developed executive brain function to be able to decipher the truth.

Students are saturated with skewed versions of hotly debated issues like abortion. The school Internet filters are blocking out balanced opposing views and students with opposing views are being silenced with heckling by other students in class. Tax payers in OC are paying $12,000 per student per year for lessons like “This president is not a real president just a sitting one,” “Popular vote is more fair,” “We are not a republic we are a democracy.”

Dystopian books. Videos that describe depression in such a way that it could mean everyone. Tricky word games like “your student picked that book” when in fact the teacher only gave them six books to choose from, all very dystopian and poorly written. Books where the mother murders a twin toddler, where a child is told to take two grenades, one to kill an American soldier and one to kill himself.

I have heard from OC educators this is the only way to keep kids interested and I know that is not true. Kids are engaged in in-depth fact-based education. Kids are not a future voting block to be exploited. If you find any of this shocking or sickening you need to get involved. We need to speak up and make some changes. Talk to the students in your life. How many class minutes are they spending on death and what does the agenda say to them in the constant drip of misinformation?

Look at the textbooks with inaccurate information they are not allowed to bring home or take pictures of. Students are told what to think, encouraged to have the same opinions. Collaborative learning, the kid who knows the answer is wrong must agree with the others even to the extent of agreeing to a wrong answer to attain consensus with the group in order to get a good grade. Where does this road lead to for this generation of students? No differing opinions, no need to find the facts, no drive to disagree with the status quo in the face of ridicule and a generation of young people who do not venture from the message drilled into them.

Please get involved. It is our giant money pot they are spending. We are stakeholders in this.

- Lisa Paris, La Grange