Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

Springhill traffic problems a reality

To the editor:

On June 24 I attended a hearing by the Oldham County Planning and Zoning Commission for the proposed Brentwood development consisting of 345 homes. I cannot understand the utter disregard Oldham Farms has for the safety of the residents of Springhill. To subject these residents to nine years of construction traffic, as well as more than 3,000 trips per day on Springhill Trace is ludicrous.

The eight members of the commission who voted to deny the proposal could see that “ministerial duty” cannot be considered in a vacuum. Otherwise, there would be no use for the planning and zoning commission.

I am disappointed that Ms. Allen spearheaded the effort to change existing subdivision regulations re: “collector” roads to accommodate Oldham Farms. Since 2006 subdivision regulations showed that Springhill Trace did not meet six out of seven requirements for a “collector” road, Ms. Allen decided to eliminate those six requirements and have road width as the only requirement to be met. How convenient! Springhill Trace should never be considered as a “collector” road. I refer to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet letter explicitly stating that Springhill Trace was meant to serve Springhill only.

Special thanks to Mr. McWilliams who took a ride down Springhill Trace. To those board members who may not have ridden down Springhill Trace, I would hope that you do so. Then you would be able to see the inherent safety and traffic problems which would occur as a result of the proposed development.

Paul V. Gleeson